Foemen Release Synth Filled New Single by Brooke Tunbridge

Grab your earphones, or play it to the world on your shitty phone speaker, ‘Interfear’, the new single from Newcastle indie electro act Foemen was released today.

Pressing play on this track you’re absorbed into endless layers of synths, and into a dark place with flickers of light through the fog, like the moment before take-off on an indoor roller coaster.

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Drawn into arts and academia, by Rayannon Innes by Newcastle Discovered

Natural History Illustration - the University of Newcastle is prided on being one of the few institutions that offer a degree within the field. So greatly distinguished is the degree that the university created a world-first online course dedicated to the practical and theoretical

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Gabrielle Clement, by Ryan Williams by Ryan Williams

I am one to get very affected by the takings-place in blockbuster movies, TV shows and books. If Jaime Lannister has a runny nose in Game of Thrones, I have a runny nose. If Sansa Stark is cranky because she didn’t have her large flat white made on soy milk in Game of Thrones, I am cranky. If something horrible happens to Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones (no spoilers, please), pray for my safety.  

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Top 5 Gigs to go to this week, by Brooke by Brooke Tunbridge

As the entry fee goes to charity, this month by attending you will be supporting:
- REFUGEE ACTION NETWORK NEWCASTLE - A community group campaigning for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers locally, nationally and abroad. 
- AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - whom work tirelessly to protect the safety of millions of refugees who are forced to flee their homes to escape war, genocide, torture and persecution.

Head to the event page for more info. 

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Shop Local: Christmas Cards and Gift Wrapping by Brooke Tunbridge

Looking for the perfect Christmas cards, gift tags, wrapping paper or decorations? Here are a few local stores that have a range of options. Support local businesses this Christmas: 

Palm & Pine Premium Party Goods
67 Parry Street
Newcastle West, NSW 2302
There's an incredibly cute dog in this shop too, in case you needed more of a reason to visit. While you're there head over to The Edwards Shop and grab a copy of Newcastle Mirage while browsing through records. 

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