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HOW: Fill in the below form before December 31st, 2018.
SELECTION: The most creative 3 answers will all win a FULL PAGE ADVERT space + an online article in that month. You can even nominate which month you would prefer. Think about a key birthday for the business, sale, event or whatever 2019 will bring that deserves an extra push. (Valued at $1000)
WHO: Anyone living or working in Newcastle, NSW can enter. Good luck to all Newcastle businesses.
PRIZE: Full Page Advert ($600) + Online Article + Interview ($300) + Social Media Boost ($100) = $1000
(Prize must be used within 2019)

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Why Businesses should be part of the equation...

For us here at Mirage, it's a passion project because we love the city and are constantly amazed by the incredible things and people in this city. Newcastle didn't have a print magazine dedicated to local people and our stories. The print options available were either overly negative and/or full of advertising instead of content that people wanted. Then we created Mirage to fix this problem.


80 / 20 Rule

Mirage has a guideline that ensures that there is never more than 20% advertising in any issue and this is reflected in our online content as well. 


❤ Newcastle

Our audience are Newcastle lovers. They are connected to the community and often vocal advocates of the city it should be. 


100% Local

Where else would go and not have to compete with national or international news stories and an audience that potentially isn't in your geo-location? 

The way we look at it is, if you run a business and have the capacity to make an income from the promotion we can give you through content that speaks to our audience in a way that is positive and drives action, businesses should be part of this equation. 
Independent media dies without support as do creatives in fields where income isn't as accessible. We want to write more stories about the new band, theatre production, visual artist with an exhibition or a startup that hasn't built a customer base yet. 

You might not be able to afford to advertise, we love to barter and trade opportunities, or even just grabbing a subscription, calendar or T-shirt can go a long way in helping to keep Mirage and this whole idea of supporting our community going that little bit longer. 

If you have invited us to a launch, exhibition or show, please be mindful that we are giving up time to cover your project, the thing that you love, so any way you can support us is greatly appreciated.