Top 3 Gigs for Weekend Workers, by Jess Moog / by Jessica Moog

A weekly live music guide for Novacastrians who suffer from the weekend work grind.


Ecca Vandal

WHEN: Thursday 9th November

WHERE: The Cambridge Hotel

SOUNDS LIKE: A bit of late-90s Gwen Stefani and Björk boiled together in a chunky punk-pop stew.

Event deets here.




Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen

WHEN: Thursday 9th November

WHERE: Lizotte’s

SOUNDS LIKE: A jazzy musical goodie bag filled with funky bass lines, hip-hoppin’ high-hats and a whole lotta soul.

Event deets here.




Willie & the Bandits

WHEN: Thursday 9th November

WHERE: The Stag and Hunter Hotel

SOUNDS LIKE: Spiderbait on some hectic country-based steroids.

Event deets here.