Winter Live: Unplugged Showcase - Yasmin Ling / by Hannah Stretton

📸Photography by  Kate Miskin

📸Photography by Kate Miskin

Another epic performer that will be adorning the stage at Too Cool for School for the Winter Live: Unplugged micro-festival is Yasmin Ling, a lady whose voice is just as bold as her style & as fleek as her eyebrows (seriously, girl I love your entire look). đź’• 

At only 17 years of age, Ling will be one of the younger performers of the day, but her voice will make you think otherwise. Having only been introduced to Ling recently, I was pretty shell-shocked to learn how young this lady is. With such a mature voice that has a beautiful husky rasp to it, Ling blew me away & I'm sure she will blow you away too. 

Known for performing a range of covers & developing her own original scores, Ling has a hell of a lot to offer Newy crowds and just hopes that being 'under-age' won't inhibit herself or others from getting their music out there. So, we are very happy to have her on our Winter Live: Unplugged line-up. Plus, anyone who covers The 1975 are legends in my books.

As a 17 year old in Newy, I think it’s imperative that the all ages music scene here is revived not only for bands but for acoustic solo acts, like myself and many of my friends.
— Yasmin Ling

Currently enrolled at the National Music Academy (NMA), Ling is mastering her craft and developing those all-too-important skills to further propel her musical career. Ling has come a long way from her audition on The Voice Kids in 2014, & although she didn't make it through, Ling got to hug the Madden brothers, so I think the experience was worth it. 

Ahead of her performance, we got to have a quick chat about his music, the current state of Newcastle's music scene for youth & some of her favourite spots in Newcastle. The full interview can be found below... 

📸Photography by  Kate Miskin

📸Photography by Kate Miskin

How would you describe your music? 

Acoustic folk/pop injected with my own personality

What can people expect from your performance at Winter Live: Unplugged? 

A mix of acoustic covers and originals, focusing mainly on what I love to do, which is sing. 

As a musician/artist in Newcastle, what changes would you like to see occur in Newcastle? Do you think changes need to be made to Newy’s current music scene?

📸Photography by  Kate Miskin

📸Photography by Kate Miskin

As a 17 year old in Newy, I think it’s imperative that the all ages music scene here is revived not only for bands but for acoustic solo acts, like myself and many of my friends.

I believe that the spaces we have are going to waste, taking into consideration the current state of the all ages scene here. It’s definitely hard to run all ages gigs when you look at all the possibilities for things that could go wrong, but I strongly believe all in all that most kids from in and around Newy go to all ages gigs for the express purpose of enjoying the music and appreciating the performers.

This is the case more so now than ever, because most of our spaces have been taken away from us. Most kids have learned from the mistakes and issues that caused the closure of so many of these venues. It’s definitely time to reignite the talent and creativity that the underage scene has to offer.

Do you have any favourite local acts - if so, who & why? 

Sadly, I find this question difficult to answer being underage and not really having the same access to local acts as others do. I do have many friends who are part of local acts though and seeing them perform always puts a smile on my face and gets me pumped up.

Most of the acts who perform at the Civil Thrill gigs at The Dungeon are local bands and artists, and I always find them all extremely enjoyable, so I guess that I’d say anyone who’s played there has my seal of approval.

If you were to suggest a shop, a foodie hot spot and a must-see location to someone in Newcastle - what would they be?

Shop: It’s a tie between Blackbird Corner and Cream - I just always find cool and interesting clothes in Cream and amazingly artistic clothing/jewellery/trinkets in Blackbird Corner.

Foodie hot spot: Ground Floor on Hunter St is always my go to when I’m looking for good food and a music friendly space in town (they have a piano in there that anyone can play, which I think is amazing).

Must-see location: The picturesque views and peaceful setting of the rotunda in King Edward Park always make me happy.

When and where can we catch you for Winter Live: Unplugged

Too Cool For School (4/105 Darby St) - from 2:45 pm. 


There you have it, to check out more about Yasmin Ling you can find gig updates, new covers and other goodies on her social links below. I also recommend you check Yasmin's set out at Winter Live: Unplugged on the 23rd of June! 

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