Winter Live: Unplugged Showcase - Truman Smith / by Hannah Stretton

📸 Photography by  Newy Digital

📸 Photography by Newy Digital

Old music can sometimes get a bad wrap, but when it comes from Truman Smith and his crew, there is so much to love about every second of it. Lucky for us Newy folk, Truman will be taking the stage at The Hop Factory for Winter Live: Unplugged with a performance that will be full of fun, harmonica solos and good vibes - sounds pretty good IMO. 

Making a name for himself as Newy's resident 'old-fashioned' folk musician, Smith is an artist that loves to honour the music of our past, present and what will become our future. Originally entering the scene as part of QnRoo, a band formed whilst at The University of Newcastle in 2012, Smith has come a long way since his early uni days.

Since then, Smith has joined up with local musicians Alex Quayle (drums), Brennan Fell (bass), Carter Smyth (Piano) & Mitch Williamson (Saxophone), to form a band that bring their heart & soul to every live performance. The energy is truly something special and has been witnessed by some stellar crowds, such as the one's at The National Folk Festival, a major event for folk lovers & muso's held in Canberra every Easter. These lads know how to put on a show & it's always full of fire. 

You'll often find that Smith's sets consist of revitalised old classics and originals that are testaments to the artists he holds near and dear. You'll hear a lot of classic sounds in Smith's work and this is even more evident in his debut EP, Three & Two Halves, which came out in October 2017. 

The EP showcases such a sophisticated sound which is perfectly accompanied by his raw raspy vocals and a whole lotta soul. It's a super sophisticated EP that beautifully shows off Smith's incredible talent and the amazing teamwork on display among him & his band members. It's a real treat & one best to divulge into live.

Luckily for all of us in Newy, Truman Smith will be gracing The Hop Factory stage from 7:00pm to treat us to the modern folk experience and I tell you what, if you don't feel a little happier after this set, I owe you a drink! Which, to be fair would be the perfect accompaniment to Smith's vocal ensemble - so, hit up the bar anyways!  😊🍻

Ahead of his performance, we got to have a little chinwag about what to expect, his favourite acts from Newy & where he'd like to see Newy's music scene going forward. To read the full interview, keep scrolling...


Truman Smith

📸 Photography by @newydigital

How would you describe your music? Try 5 words or less, if you’re feeling creative.

Old in a fresh way 

What can people expect from your performance at Winter Live: Unplugged? 

I’ll be playing two sets of my favourites (blues, old pop, some originals) with a few harmonica solos thrown in for extra vibe. 

As a musician/artist in Newcastle, what changes would you like to see occur in Newcastle? Do you think changes need to be made to Newy’s current music scene?

It would be great to see some of the traditionally cover gig venues put on some local original bands every so often. I think the right bands would go down a treat and get the original scene out to a wider audience. 

Do you have any favourite local acts - if so, who & why? 

The Bad Time Boys are my Newy band crush. Their shows are full of sweet, sweet tone. They’re Newcastle’s best kept secret. (Not anymore - sorry not sorry 😜

If you were to suggest a shop, a foodie hot spot and a must-see location to someone in Newcastle - what would they be?

Moor for a coffee, Habesha for a feed, Glenrock for a vibe.

When and where can we catch you for Winter Live: Unplugged

At The Hop Factory, 7pm


There you have it! To check out more about Truman Smith & his band, you can find gig updates, new music and other goodies via the social links below. I also recommend you check Smith's set out at Winter Live: Unplugged on the 23rd of June! 

Facebook // Instagram: @trumansmithmusic // Twitter: @truman_smith // YouTube