Winter Live: Unplugged Showcase - Teddy RK / by Hannah Stretton

📸Photography by  Kate Arbuckle

📸Photography by Kate Arbuckle

Nothing gives me greater joy than seeing new faces emerge onto the scene, so it is a real pleasure to be able to give the new guy on the block his five minutes of fame (I'm hoping it's more than that, obvs.) I know that the words 'sweet' and 'innocent' can often sounds condescending, but Theodore 'Teddy' RK is just that and it's quite the charm I think Winter Live: Unplugged needed. Charming & raw, Teddy RK will be bringing a set you won't want to miss.

As mentioned, Teddy is only relatively new to the music scene, but is definitely already making solid progress in getting around to local Newy venues and playing in front of bigger crowds. Teddy even played in front of crowds at the annual LGBTI Theatre Festival last year and again this year back in March, so I'd say this is starting to feel like second nature (even though he'd never admit it or be boastful).

📸Photography by  Jasmine Clarkson

📸Photography by Jasmine Clarkson

Whilst admitting that his music is "produced in the corner of [his] room with quite a few cups of tea and just as many mistakes", all of those so called 'mistakes' seems irrelevant when you actually sit down and listen to the songs themselves. Each track comes from a very real and raw place, which makes for music that pulls every heart string and it may just knock you over. It's incredibly powerful & inspiring for all alike.

His two singles, 'HEATH' and 'Ghosts', are what I'd classify as 'imperfectly perfect'. The technical elements haven't yet been nailed (and I wouldn't expect them to be) but the vocal and lyrical elements of these tracks literally give me goosebumps. For someone who works their butt off (emotionally and physically) to produce music, it's one hell of a feat and one to be very proud of. 

If you take a moment to trawl Teddy's website, it's a great place to follow his music journey, as well as learn a bit more about the friendly and passionate guy behind the music you’ll come to love & hold near. Plus, if you follow along his website you will find this quirky ‘Word of the Day’ section - today I managed to learn what ‘spaghettification’ is & to my surprise, it has nothing to do with the carby Italian creation I know & love, sadly. 🍝

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What I love about Teddy is his unwavering passion and fight for LGBTQI+ rights & movements. He is currently the facilitator for SAIF (Sexuality. Acceptance. Identity. Freedom), which is a support group aimed at ensuring that the LGBTQI+ community have a safe place to talk to and support one another - even if it is just for a short while every fortnight. They hold support group meetings fortnightly on a Friday from 4:30pm - 6:00pm, so if you ever feel like you have needed or even just want a place to be completely yourself (without judgement), this is the perfect spot to go. They will welcome you with open arms. Isn’t that just so beautiful? *no, I'm not crying - you are* 

Ahead of Teddy's performance on Saturday, I got to have a little chat to him about his music, what his set will feature & how far the Newcastle music scene has come in the past few years. You can catch the full interview below...

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Teddy RK

📸Photography by Kate Arbuckle

How would you describe your music? Try 5 words or less, if you’re feeling creative.

Raw, passionate, vulnerable, calm, pure

What can people expect from your performance at Winter Live: Unplugged? 

A simple, chill set inclusive of originals and covers that have a warm and calm, atmospheric vibe. People can also expect that I will be assisted by my trusty music book, as I’m not incredible at remembering my lyrics.

As a musician/artist in Newcastle, what changes would you like to see occur in Newcastle? Do you think changes need to be made to Newy’s current music scene?

I think the music scene in Newy is pretty diverse at the moment, I just hope it continues to grow how it has been and more unknown, interesting acts get the chance they deserve to be heard and discovered.

I think there are a good amount of opportunities there are for musicians in Newcastle, especially for queer acts now. (f***kin' finally 🙌🏻)

Do you have any favourite local acts - if so, who & why? 

Just a Gent, an old friend of mine from high school who continually crushes it with his original songs and remixes, his style is fresh and he is definitely worth a listen.

If you were to suggest a shop, a foodie hot spot and a must-see location to someone in Newcastle - what would they be?

Okay took me a while to narrow down my top picks. The Odditorium on Thorn St. is a pretty rad vintage record and clothing store. For the foodie hot spot I will always 100% back Harry’s Cafe De Wheels, best hotdogs around (Harry's please sponsor Teddy already). And the must-see location is Yuelarbah walking track - Glenrock Reserve in Shortland, it’s absolutely stunning.

When and where can we catch you for Winter Live: Unplugged

I’ll be playing at Cooks Hill Books, 2-2:45pm for the Not Just Grrrls stage!


There you have it! To check out more about Teddy RK, you can find gig updates, new music and other goodies via his website & social links below. I also recommend you check Teddy's set out at Winter Live: Unplugged on the 23rd of June! 

Facebook // Instagram: @_teddy.rk // SoundCloud // Website