Winter Live: Unplugged Showcase - Mitchell Cordingley / by Hannah Stretton

📸Photography by  Keegan Cronin

📸Photography by Keegan Cronin

Continuing on with the line-up of awesome talent performing at Winter Live: Unplugged on Darby Street is Mitchell Cordingley, a looping master with one hell of a strumming action, which you will be able to check out at Too Cool For School this Saturday.

Honing his skills in guitar, Cordingley often pairs this traditional instrument with a modern twist, adding the loop pedal for added flair & excitement to live performances. In my eyes, anyone that can add a bit of Sultana & Sheeran action with a loop pedal are worthy of a shout-out. It's not an easy thing to master & Cordingley does it with what looks like ease. 

You may have seen Cordingley around at your local markets, cafes & restaurants playing for passing customers & crowds, but he's also available for private bookings. So, if after listening to his sound you want a piece of that at your next function - definitely hit Mitchell up here.

Cordingley is also heavily involved with the National Music Academy (NMA), known as their 'Maestro Vlogger'. You'll find a whole heap of videos on their Facebook page featuring Cordingley, as he teaches things such as 'mastering the loop pedal', 'prepping for busking' & a whole heap of other things. So if you're a muso and are looking for some tips & tricks - the page is definitely worth checking out. 

Most recently, Mitchell participated in The University of Newcastle's annual 'UON Band Comp' - where he ended up as a finalist for his original and captivating performance. When you whip out the loop pedal, you're bound to get a few fans. Plus, it sounds epic! 

If you're into hearing some of this loop pedal action, you should definitely follow Cordingley on his socials. On Instagram he will often go live when he is having a jam session - so if you want to see the master at work, this is where you'll see it go down.

Ahead of his performance at Too Cool for School on Saturday, I got to chat to Mitchell about what onlookers can expect to see, changes he'd like to see occur in Newcastle & a few of his favourite things. 

The full interview can be viewed below...


Mitchell Cordingley

📸Photography by Simon Bernasconi

How would you describe your music? Try 5 words or less, if you’re feeling creative.

Looped Acoustic Rock and Pop

What can people expect from your performance at Winter Live: Unplugged?

People who swing by can expect to hear some instrumental originals and covers, all created live on my trusty loop pedal. Drums, bass, chords and melody, all with just my loop pedal and my guitar. Very Ed Sheeran style - I approve. 

As a musician/artist in Newcastle, what changes would you like to see occur in Newcastle? Do you think changes need to be made to Newy’s current music scene?

I would like to see the council work with musicians and organisers to create more live music events in Newcastle and utilise local talent. I would like to see more venues where bands and solo musicians can start gigging and get more confidence, experience and exposure from the get go.

Do you have any favourite local acts - if so, who & why?

I particularly love the work of solo acts such as Jake Ridgeway, Kat Waria, Yev Kassem and Adam Miller. These guys have great originals, and really unique styles. I also love the local bands in Newy, especially Stranger Than Friends, Diplazar, Smoke & Rain, Midnight Movers and Cooks & Bakers.

If you were to suggest a shop, a foodie hot spot and a must-see location to someone in Newcastle - what would they be?

Shop: Jack’s Music  

Foodie Hot-Spot: Civic Delights (especially the #9 Sandwich)

Must See Location: A show at Lizottes

When and where can we catch you for Winter Live: Unplugged?

You can catch me at ‘Too Cool For School’ at 4/105 Darby Street. I’ll be jamming out from 2:00pm until 2:30pm!


There you have it, to check out more about Mitchell Cordingley you can find gig updates, jamming sessions and other goodies on his social links below. I also recommend you check Mitchell' set out at Winter Live: Unplugged on the 23rd of June! 

Facebook // Instagram: @mcmusic_au