Why you should shoot your next video in Newcastle, by Tyzek / by Newcastle Discovered

Worldwide artists usually only feature Australia in their music videos if they’re looking for some dry, desolate, desert scenery. But as all of us Australians, and especially us Novocastrians know; This is not a giant desert continent… Some of the time.

Newcastle is home to the lush Glenrock Reserve, a pristine location that is perfect for any artist looking to feature some Australian bush in their music video, it even includes a Beach! If you’re looking for symbolic imagery, then the ANZAC Memorial Walk is an excellent location, with the sea for a background, and the surnames of soldiers listed out on their metallic representations.

If you want plenty of urban setting for your music video, then Newcastle city is where you’ll want to go, while not providing the intimidating skyscrapers, that regular big cities have, Newcastle still appears to be a fairly-well lived in city. With plenty of buildings that are brand new, or even decades older than your grandparents, to provide a stark contrast for your video’s artistic style.

Overall, Newcastle is one of the best cities in Australia to film your music video in. While looking more naturalistic, than say, Sydney, but remaining to look lived in, and populated. It’s time that Newcastle gets the recognition it deserves.