Why is it "Newcastle Mirage"? / by Kian West

I think the Newcastle part is pretty self-explanatory right? We make it in Newcastle and it is all about Newcastle, easy huh. 

Images by Jackie Brock

Images by Jackie Brock

But the Mirage part, people tend to ask us a lot about that. Firstly it seemed like the kind of word that might work like Gazette or Telegraph, but it was the imagery of a mirage that had us thinking. See, the idea from the beginning was to be a media entity that focused on making Newcastle a better place, inspiring one another by highlighting all the local talent this city produced. So often we had seen friends move away to Sydney or further because the creative jobs just didn't exist in Newcastle or at the very least didn't appear to be available.

Then…up ahead…someone spots something on the horizon. Could it be? Yes! It appears to be…water! A cool, blue oasis in the middle of the desert! Hope!

They push on, but they never seem to get any closer to the oasis. It remains out there on the horizon, hovering just out of reach. How can this be? Then someone realizes what’s going on: it’s a mirage!

Although they may be a prominent feature of cartoons, mirages are real. They’re caused by light refraction, which is a fancy scientific term that means the bending of rays of light. Mirages are common in hot areas. When you’re driving along a blacktop highway in high heat, it’s very common to look into the distance and see something that looks like water near the horizon.
— http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/what-is-a-mirage

That's what it felt like in Newcastle like this Oasis was always out of reach and the zine was our way of highlighting this glimmering hope that could one day be obtainable. Plus we searched the socials and website and they were all available so it seemed like a go.  

In the 4 years since then, we have watched the city transform. We aren't about to say it is finished but the attitude of Novocastrians seems to be shifting slowly, maybe we are getting a little more optimistic? We want this city to truly be the best city on Earth.