Why do I love Newcastle? by Brittany Rundle / by Newcastle Discovered

Why do you love Newcastle?
Well, the answer may be a bit elaborate...

Image by: @gusengler_photography via Instagram

Image by: @gusengler_photography via Instagram

by Brittany Rundle 

I have lived in Newcastle my entire life. I would describe it as one of my eldest, and dearest friends. There’s always something special about the town you’ve grown up in. Riding bikes around the streets as a kid, playing with all the ‘street kids’ as my Grandma calls them. Even now that I’m all grown up, I love seeing kids running around the streets enjoying the sunny summer days just like I did. I love how in every subdivision in Newcastle, you will most likely find street kids playing all sorts of different games, Riding bikes, and scooters. The scooter went a bit out of fashion for a bit though, but apparently they are really cool again now. Unless my twelve year old cousin isn’t actually very cool.

A lot of my family live here in Newcastle, and they are the people that bring so much joy into my life. It is very special to be able to be so close to my family and friends. Novocastrians are so friendly and inviting - Just walking down the street in the morning, I am always greeted by a ‘Good morning, how are you?’ I find this attitude we have towards each other very pleasant and positive, which I believe makes Newcastle a very appealing place.

There are so many beautiful places In Newcastle, I don’t know how anyone could not fall in love with it.

One example of this is the very captivating beaches. Redhead, Nobbys, Bar beach, and Merewether Beach.
I have driven down through scenic drive, so many times but I am always amazed by the view of the distant ocean through the cracks of the houses. Something that I don’t think anyone could ever get sick of. I often wonder what it would be like to live in one of those houses, and to see this view everyday. As the water gets closer and closer driving down the road - I always notice how the sea looks different every time we cruise past Merewether, always edging a different image deep into the back of my brain, that I might remember when I’m far away and missing home.

Watching the surfers cruise along a silvery blue wave as it slams over the soft sand, creating some good entertainment for me while I drink my coffee from the shore. its incredible that on another day, the water could be completely flat - so flat that I’ve actually seen a person on a stand up paddle board, sweeping through the sea, and passing dolphins along their way - what a beautiful day! When ever I stare out into the ocean, I always see the coal ships scattered very far out from the shore, I love this because it reminds me of when I was very young and believed that the ocean ended at those ships.

Lake Macquarie is just as beautiful. I spent a lot of my time at Lake Macquarie as a kid, it definitely kept my sister and I very entertained. I love walking down the bike path at Warner’s Bay. It’s very beautiful

I find it very hard to be bored in Newy, there is just so much you can do to entertain yourself. Shopping, Movies, the restaurants, live music. I went to the Day on The Green at The vineyards up in the Hunter Valley once, it was really good. If you like wine tasting, you know where to go. I love going up there because its so pretty, and there are some nice restaurants there.

But the main reason I love Newcastle, like how I would love any of my eldest and dearest friends, are from the memories I have made here. That have made me the person I am today. All these memories will be there forever and wherever I go. This is what makes Newcastle my home.

Why do I love Newcastle?
The answer is simple ‘because I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.’