WHOOOO Are The Owls? with Ryan Williams / by Ryan Williams



Who are the Owls? I don’t even recognize you anymore.
The Owls are Josh, who does a bit of singing, Wez, who plays the drums, Ryan (your own funk Mirage soul brother) on the bass and Jack and Joey on guitar.

 How would you describe the new single?
That song was the most organic one we wrote for this EP. It started out as just two chords, and we built on it from that. It’s a bit of a different sound, but I think if people dig late 90’s/early 00’s UK guitar band sounds they will dig it.

 Excited to play at The Edwards?
Yeah, we love the Edwards. Last time we played there was for Stone and Wood, and we went and cleaned up the beach before celebrating with a few beers. Funny story, I found a credit card at the train station and I fully thought it was Chris Joannou from Silverchair (one of the owners), and that I’d be campus hero for returning it to him. Turns out it was actually for someone called Chris Ioannou, so Chris Ioannou if you are reading this, your credit card is at Newcastle Police Station.

 Are Young Henry’s doing a deal?
I certainly hope so because YH Newtowner is 10/10.

 Who else will be there?
We’ve got dave, Nicholas Connors, e4444e and Mahala Williams.

 What should people expect from the night?
There’ll be $5 Young Henry’s all night, some of the best artists in Newcastle and I’m sure Josh will be wearing some sort of Ryan Adams shirt, so he’ll be looking good.