Who is Newcastle Mirage? / by Kian West

With our 4th Birthday celebration fast approaching (it is on Friday at The Edwards from 6 pm & yes you are invited! We even have you on the door with a +1) I thought maybe we should explain a few things about Mirage for those that are newer to our audience...

photos by Jackie Brock 

photos by Jackie Brock 

Newcastle Mirage started 4 years ago as a conversation between Ryan Williams and Kian West (myself) about "Why Newcastle can't seem to sustain a print street-press" while other major cities across the country appeared to keep theirs going. We kept coming back to this idea that printing so many copies just so you could say "our distribution is X,000 units" sounded
1. Expensive
2. out-of-touch with the modern world where social media/websites could tell you exactly how many people have seen an advertisement

So we started talking about alternative models and figured a 'zine' aesthetic would give us a little space to learn as we went and that we could expand our production as our readership grew rather than printing 1,000s and adding to the landfill. 

From this beginning, we have slowly collected like-minded folk that have added value to our team and without them, we honestly wouldn't still be around
Claire Bradshaw - Editor - lovingly wrote to us highlighting how she could help make Mirage better by fine-tuning our writing (correcting all our shit and make us accountable) 
Michelle Kot - Newcastle Coffee Snobs - I'd been on the hunt for a writer with a focus on the coffee-loving culture we tended to deliver to when I stumbled upon NCS and asked them if writing about their events could be a thing, from that, the relationship has flourished and we love getting to a Snobbing event as often as possible. 
Amy Theodore - Writer - otherwise known as Noiseinwonderland, Amy has been guest writing with us for a long time and we can always rely on her content being amazing. 
Brooke Tunbridge - Writer - a more recent addition, Brooke is also an incredible photographer and so tapped into the local scene it is inspiring. 
Amy Lovat - Coop People Doing Cool Things - Originally Amy interviewed us for her own blog/website and when I noticed she too was interviewing heaps of rad Novocastrians I asked her if we could publish some of her stuff.
Laura Kebby - Writer - watching this woman's career catapult in the past year has been one of the most inspiring stories (cue jealousy) I've witnessed in recent times. 

There are so many people that make Mirage a reality every single month. All of our wonderful advertisers: Stag & Hunter, The Edwards, The Cambridge Hotel, Oasis Social Media, NCC and anyone else that chooses us each month; Interns past and present (Jackie Brock / Daniel Mallett currently) people that have submitted guest pieces, friends and family that have delivered Mirage for us, shared photos across socials, everyone in Newcastle that is committed to it being a better city. 
I'm certain I've forgot people, but there are just so many incredible people that help to make Newcastle Mirage what it is, not just a 'zine' - a cultural change for Newcastle.