Whisky, with a wealth chaser. / by Kian West

It’s one of those things in life we feel we should know more about but find ourselves having so many unanswered questions. Perhaps a compulsory subject in high school would have better prepared us on adulting with money. But even then we receive conflicting opinions. ‘Don’t buy coffees, go on budget holidays and cut back on socialising’ whilst others take the ‘you only live once’ mentality.

Phil Usher from Cheeky Investor is building a community of people who want to live life and build wealth. Oh and he’s doing it with a friends and family vibe with a quality education.

Whisky, wine and wealth is a monthly catch-up where the conversation is all things money whilst enjoying a whisky, beer or a glass of vino. With the event being held at The Edwards you’ll be able to add some quality food to your hump day outing and make it a real social event.

The first catch-up will be about winning at your personal finances. Attendees will learn about ideal ways to allocate their income, ways to save money and being able to achieve their financial goals. Its main focus is identifying where it is that you want to go and what it is you want to do. Once you know these answers moving towards your goals is a lot easier.

The catch-ups promise to be different to other financial events. It’s not about having one person up the front using over the top industry jargon whilst trying to sell an investment property. It’s about having an open learning environment where learning doesn't feel like learning.

The first catch-up will be held at The Edwards on October 11 at 6pm. Ticket price includes drink on arrival.