What is Newcastle Mirage... / by Kian West

Seems simple enough a question to answer doesn't it?

Photos by Jackie Brock

Photos by Jackie Brock

Originally we were "just a zine" printed monthly.
We had a Facebook page. 
Then we added a website. 
Then a Twitter account and next Instagram. 
It all kind-of happened slowly, an evolution of sorts. 

At some point in the past 12 months, we started to think about ourselves as more of a media group, shifting from previously only distributing our print content in print, to scheduling it to go up on our website throughout the month. Then we started writing content just for online. 
We started to really learn how to use the social media channels we had to do more than promoting that the next issue was out and that you could find one at X, Y or Z. 

Without trying to sound too much like Batman, it is meant to represent an ideal, an idea that Newcastle is more than just the moments that people latch onto like the '97 Grand Final or The Earthquake, it's a future city full of aspirations, dreams and optimistic people that know that NEWCASTLE IS THE BEST CITY ON THE PLANET. 
It seems poignant that right now Newcastle City Council is asking Newcastle to have Your Say on their Community Strategic Plan for 2030. While we celebrate a small milestone, the city is looking at the long game and how we might shape the next 10 years or so. Hopefully, Newcastle Mirage are still around to tell those tales!