We went to the Newcastle International Animation Festival! By Brooke Tunbridge / by Newcastle Discovered

Despite the rain, the footpaths of King St last night were occupied by curious pedestrians, admiring animations projected onto buildings. Those that continued on the path would have found themselves at the opening night for the Newcastle international Animation Festival at Tower Cinemas.

The two-day festival boasts that it shows 60 of the world’s best short animations you’ve ever seen and while I was only there for the opening night, it was impressive to say the least.

The first session showcased international talent with a range of different animation styles telling weird and wonderful stories. I was in awe of the talent showcased however managed to pick my favourite animations: By The Name of Boston (2015, USA) directed by Grant Kolton, this particular animation was short and witty which I admired. Another international favourite was Velodrool (2015, Estonia), directed by Sander Joon as it showed the quirky and bizarre realms of animation, following a nicotine addicted cyclist and a plethora of peculiar objects.

After an intermission, people flocked back to the cinema for the Australian showcase which featured a few talented University of Newcastle students. While each animation tugged at different emotions, it was clear that those in the cinema, including myself found these two to be particularly impressive. Hound(2015) directed by Georgia Kriss, which portrayed the evolution of dogs in a hilarious way and Edison (2014) directed by PierceDavison which looked at the playfully dark and twisted side of Thomas Edison and his inventions.

In saying that, all animations were entertaining in one way or another and the amount of work that went into each one made me appreciate them even more.