We are off to visit the museum! / by Kian West

I'm not sure 'who' the museum is cool for? I must admit, not having children (yet) it's not high on my radar to visit the museum regularly, especially not the Newcastle Museum. Sure, as a child I remember going to the Newcastle Museum back when it was opposite the Cambridge Hotel, but as an adult, I don't know when I've been lately, if ever. 

If you have kids and you haven't been to the Museum lately, you've simply got to add it to the last of great spaces to get them active both physically and mentally. To the rest of you, myself included, it is time to visit the Museum! 

I was lucky enough to attend this week for a special sneak-peak at a brand new exhibition 'Perseverance' which launches tomorrow February 9th "Exploring the artistry of Japanese tattoos in this ground-breaking photographic exhibition".
Featuring the work of seven internationally acclaimed tattoo artists: Horitaka, Horitomo, Chris Horoshiki Brand, Miyazo, Shige, Junii and Yokohama Horiken. The exhibition runs till April 30th. 

If you would like some more info, check out the museum site HERE
 There are workshops and some Studio Ghibli Screenings as well! 

Not into Tattoos and Japanese culture? Newcastle Museum is still worth a look. 

Take a walk around, learn something, touch some stuff, get amongst it.