I’m currently planning a holiday, and one of the first places I looked for inspiration was Tegan’s blog. Filled with stunning visuals, captured by her partner Ned, her blog tells the tale of their world travels, and is something I could look at all day. Tegan and Ned shed some light on their daily lives, and what it really looks like behind the scenes when you’re a travel blogger.   

Tegan Phillipa

A photographer and a model who both love travelling. Seems like the perfect match! How did you two meet?

Tegan: Ned had just moved back to Newcastle from living overseas for 4 years and I had just moved from the Central Coast.

We met through mutual friends on a night out and then had our first date for coffee on Darby St and the rest is History!

Tegan, when did you start modelling? What's your favourite kind of shoot? 

I actually studied Fashion Business at FBI and fell in love with the creative process of photo shoots. I had a few friends that we’re into photography, so I would help out with styling or modelling, I only ever dreamed of it being as successful as it has become as I’m a size 10 with a big booty, thighs and a small chest so not your typical model. I think that is the beauty with Social Media, the model standards are changing, and I think that’s very empowering.

Ned, when did you start photography? What do you love shooting the most? 

I felt I have always had an interest in photography but started to pursue it after we did a big trip 7-month trip around the world in 2015. I love those in the moment, candid shots you get whilst travelling, it really helps capture the culture. I’m always on the lookout for strange & obscure moments to snap!

Are you two based in Sydney now? What made you move?

Yes, we moved to Sydney after our last content trip in August.

N: Newcastle will always be home for me, I grew up here and most of my family still live in Newcastle.

T: I moved to Newcastle 4 years ago and fell in love, literally fell in love haha but also with the city. In that 4 yes I’ve lived in 5 different apartments/homes in Cooks Hill & the East End and have loved every single moment!

However, the demand for our work, especially for me was in Sydney and the 3 hr train each way was wearing me down. We moved into a sunny one bedroom apartment in Annandale, near Newtown.

What does an average day look like for you both?

At home: N: I’m a carpenter so am usually up at 5.30am, off to work to build some dreams and home around 4.30pm. I usually end the day going through, editing photos or head out to a view point to capture a sunset.

T: I’m up around 6.30am and get some exercise in before a day of admin: responding to a million emails, planning our trips/ negotiating, sourcing brands, editing blog posts, and ending the day with a sunset shoot with Ned.
Travelling: Getting up at 4am and planning where we are shooting a sunrise, spending the day finding locations & exploring. We usually will spend an entire day in a new city walking around, getting lost and finding spots to shoot. While everyone else overseas usually ends the day relaxing or drinking we are usually in our room, selecting and editing images and planning where we are shooting the next morning. It’s definitely more work than most people would think! 

Out of everywhere you've been, where was your favourite?

Egypt, for both of us. Ned’s watched countless documentary’s in his life about Egypt and I studied it quite a bit in school and fell in love. There are so many mysteries & conspiracies about this amazing Ancient World and when you are there, staring at a Pyramid of Giza or inside Tutankhamen’s Tomb or in awe of the Temples at Abu Simbel you know that nothing you will ever see in this life time can ever compare. Not to mention the amazing locals! We were in a market in Cairo and had a circle of maybe 30 Egyptian kids surround us, at that moment Ned started filming on his GoPro and what happened? They had an Egyptian Rap battle in Arabic with Ned and I in the centre cheering them on. It’s moments like these that we will never ever forget.

What's planned for your next adventure?
We leave for South Africa, Botswana, Namibia & Zimbabwe the end of Nov for a 3- week trip which will be incredible! Ned has bought some new lenses, so we don’t miss capturing a moment on Safari! 

We are also in the midst of planning a Content Trip/Campaign in Europe for 2018 we can’t wait

I love the eccentric outfits you both wear! Where are your favourite places to shop?
We are suckers for vintage one off finds and seem to acquire a lot of these from different countries we visit. A lot of our favourite brands seem to be based in the UK, London has such a grungy, unique & loud style about it and I think we both seem to be drawn to that.

And lastly, what's your favourite thing about Newcastle?

For both of us it’s the beaches and food! Our favourite spot is Susan Gilmore beach, it’s a little more secluded and so beautiful! The food in Newcastle is insane! We have eaten all over the world and Newcastle seems to have it all in one small City! It has the best Indian, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Middle Eastern, Japanese, American Burgers- you name it, it’s in Newcastle and it’s damn delicious!

You can follow Tegan and Ned’s work on teganphillipa.com or @teganphillipa and @itsnedkelly on Instagram.

All photos used with permission from Tegan and Ned.