Uncle Nath, A Bloody Ripper / by Laura Kebby

I am a huge fan of a good belly laugh. I really care for them actually. So when some comedy clips flew across my (non existent) desk I was pretty excited. Uncle Nath is just a good old fashioned Aussie bloke who loves to laugh, and loves to make people laugh. There’s a quintessential twang when he relays all the things we’ve all been thinking and is also exceptional at revealing the inner workings of a ’38 year old male’. He’s a mad Knights fan, but in the sense that he’s ready to accept their fate. And although he calls it $600 worth of frustration, there’s Newy pride flowing out of every single pore. He’s the every man. He’s your neighbour. The bloke across the road. That guy on the job site that’s making everyone laugh. Most importantly he’s a Novocastrian. He’s Uncle Nath. And he’s a bloody ripper. 

Check him out at the Melbourne comedy festival in 2017 and at the Newcastle Fringe Fest in March. Oh and catch his Youtube clips below!