TUNES... #HASHTAG - September / by Kian West


THEY SAY 3RD TIME’S A CHARM… SO THEY SAY, LET’S SEE HOW WE GO…THIS MONTH SAW US PLAY AT ONE OF OUR FAVORITE LOCAL PARTIES, THE NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY’S AUTONOMY DAY FESTIVAL AND AS SUCH MAY HAVE INFLUENCED A HEAVIER PARTY VIBE TO THE TRACKS WE’VE SELECTED THIS MONTH.  IT’S PROBABLY A GOOD OPPORTUNITY RIGHT NOW ALSO TO THANK ANYONE WHO DID MAKE IT ALONG TO OUR SET… SUCH A GREAT CROWD, ALWAYS, ALWAYS ONE OF OUR FAVORITES AND THE SUPPORTS FROM BENNY P AND K-ROCK MADE FOR A SOLID START AND FINISH TO THE AFTERNOON. Looking for songs for our set for ‘Autoday’ and writing the top five for last month has seen an added bonus with us throwing some ideas around in the studio again, keep an eye on our Soundcloud for a cheeky edit/remix/re-edit/re-hash etc etc, (the list is endless these days…) of one of the tunes we mentioned in last month’s article. Now… On to business.



LIDO × I LOVE YOU Struggling through some administrative hurdles meant the release of this EP was a little later than expected however the extra wait was well worth it.  The opening sample of this song suggests we’re about to be hit with something deep, dark and sinister only to be quickly bought back to reality with the “I love ya” vocal thrown in with some big synths and shortly followed by some funked up slap bass, kicks, high hats, and clap for days and, …. it just continues to ooze funk as it goes further and further down the rabbit hole. Yes we know this is the second month running we’ve put some Lido in but we just can’t get enough.

Grimes × Go [feat. Blood Diamond] For anyone who is familiar with Grimes you’ll know that the majority of her work up until now has been extremely cruisey. “Go” takes us slightly left of the middle from her earlier work to give us a dubby, bass driven tune that makes you think festival central! Fun fact about this song, it was originally written for Rihanna, not sure about the rest of our readers but we’re extremely happy Rihanna declined and didn’t re-edit it into a trashy love ballad.

Caribou × Can’t do without Long builds, catchy vocal hooks and so much layering even a bricky would feel out of place. Caribou, a.k.a. Dan Snaith has bought us another progressive masterpiece with “Can’t do Without”. The song takes us back to the old school progressive house vibe and does not disappoint at all.

SBTRKT × New Dorp, New York. Where to even begin with this tune… It is so different from anything we’ve heard for some-time.  SBTRKT has always been a smooth operator but the cool, calm and collected vibe on this track is out of this world.  Funk, soul and jazzy goodness describe New Dorp, New York to a T, so much so that it almost feels like sacrilege to listen to it anywhere other than a Jazz Club.  Fair warning though, it’s not for everyone… Took a few listens for some of us to warm up to it.

Elliphant × Revolusion We can’t even say we’ve left the best for last on this one as this month has bought along some absolute gems but what we can say is that this one is right up there with our favorites for the minute. Having recently released an EP and receiving a fair amount of recognition for it we felt it appropriate to throw one of Elliphant’s songs in this month’s list, that, and we can’t get enough of what she has to offer. The whole EP is pretty amazing however, for us “Revolution” is the stand-out by far.  Saw wave synths, eerie vocals and a drop and grind Lindsay Lohan would brush at sees Elliphant’s Revolution fill out our last spot for the month with gold stars all round. That’s us for another month, hope we’ve opened a few ears to some different artists & sounds and we’ll be back soon with some more tunes to listen out for and hopefully another edit for everyone to sink their teeth into. Yours faithfully, S.O. Gloin, Hugo & Mr R. Rd PS. Mr R. Rd is still M.I.A. if you anyone sees him overseas please return to sender.