TROPHY EYES / by Ryan Williams


There is something about those little blue ticks that some Facebook and Twitter pages have that I love, But I don't know why. Is it the fact that it proves the page is super legit? Is it because I don't know how to get one for myself? Is it because those little fuckers are so damn cute? I don't understand?

But anyways, 2014 has been a fantastic year for the Newcastle band with the blue tick. With the release of their debut album Mend, Move on (on Hopeless records). The stage is set to only get better for Trophy Eyes.


By Ryan Williams

How crazy has this year been for you so far?

It's been wild. We've been touring like crazy, we recorded an album in Thailand and we've been given some pretty awesome news (that you'll find out son enough) on a few separate occasions. We're planning to go to the UK early next year and were just told that we are playing a few shows with Australia's biggest band right now, Violent Soho. We'd never expected to see this kind of response to our music, so it's all a very humbling shock and surprise.


It seems like Trophy Eyes has exploded out of nowhere. Is this true? Has it been a long time coming?

Well, it couldn't have been. We've only been a band for nearly 2 years now. We wrote some songs as quick as we could, recorded them and got hard to work playing as many shows as we could and making sure people heard our music by any means possible. We've had a couple of lucky breaks, but I think that's what it takes to make some kind of progress in a band. Hard work, dedication and a bit of luck.


You tracked and produced the band’s first album, “Mend, Move On” at Karma Sound Studios, Thailand. Why record over there? What was the experience like? The album sounds amazing by the way.

Thank you! We tracked over at Karma because we wanted to work with Shane Edwards again. He worked with us on our first single release and Ep 'Everything Goes Away'. He knows the sound and feel that we want, and he's also a very good friend of ours. He always gets the very best out of us, and he's an absolute pleasure to work with.

Thailand was amazing. We explored a lot, and saw some cool stuff. Temples on cliffs, city night life and then a lot of villages and small towns. The whole band hired scooters and which made sunny day exploring quite accessible and a favourite pas time. Even though we'd always end up at the bar around the corner from the studio.


What goes into the songwriting for the band? Do you write together or separately?

We write both ways. I write all lyrics, and some very basic forms of songs and take them to practice where we elaborate and change it in to a Trophy Eyes song. Other times, someone will bring a guitar piece or an idea out and we will elaborate on that and have a go at writing it on the spot. Normally I enjoy the first method more and am happier with how the songs turn out, as it's easier to write a song and vocal melody together. But I also like collaborating with the other guys, and they all know how to play their instruments much better than I do, so it works great either way.


Are you “chuffed” to be heading over to Europe next year?

We are very excited, obviously. Leaving the country has always been a huge dream of ours, so doing it as a band and exploring the world on the back of a handful of songs is just such a surreal experience. It's all I've ever wanted, so I still can't believe it's such a real possibility to tour overseas.


I started reading the list of tour dates for this new album and my eyes nearly fell out from the amount of show you have to do. What are you listening to in the tour van to keep you sane?

There's a lot of shows, yeah. We played 3 shows in 24 hours, and I snuck in an acoustic set so for me that was 4 sets and a 13 hour drive in 24 hours. My voice is paying for it and we're already out of clean clothes, but that's what tour is all about, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. We've been listening to things that don't really cross over in to our immediate genre. A lot of Pantera, Moose Blood, Group Love, Amy Winehouse, and some lochs like Vices and Perspectives. It keeps you sane having a good old song every now and then, especially if you snap out of your genre and listen to something fresh it's good for your brain.


What’s it like for you guys looking back on the music scene in Newcastle now?

We're very grateful for what the Newcastle Music scene did for us. We had a lot of support, and a lot of love. It seems now that with a bit of success people aren't really bothered with it anymore, but the majority still back us and turn out for us. Newcastle scene can be clique-y and it makes it hard for budding acts to do del or feel welcome. However, it doesn't stop the bands from starting and the kids from going to shows and participating and contributing to the scene. It's good to see so much creative aspirations and energy happening.


Any advice for local bands looking to follow the footsteps of Trophy Eyes?

Play every show given to you, and make sure every person possible hears your music. Do it because you love music, and not because you want to be a rockstar, and you will be successful. Just don't expect anything, and do it because you love it.


What’s next for the band? Working on another release?

We're writing in drips nd drabs, but we're not thinking about another release just yet. We're more focused on getting as much overseas exposure as possible, so touring other countries seems like the next logical step.


Where can we get a copy of the album?

Come see us on tour, and you can get an album from us! if not, you can pick them up online from iTunes and 24 Hundred merch store. If that doesn't work for you, I'd suggest robbing Obama, 'cause I heard he iced one up in Brisbane at the G20 conference. Or download it for free somewhere, just get it.