TRACK PREMIERE - "Waiting At Our Worst" - Amos and Emily / by Laura Kebby

Sometimes you come across a pair of musicians who seem to be able to translate colour through music. It's a concept that always seems to blow me away. It's rare, but when it happens, it reminds me exactly why I cling to my headphones every single chance I get. Amos and Emily, a nomadic duo, are a Newcastle Mirage favourite, and with their foundation planted firmly in our humble little town, I am now thrilled, to finally premiere their latest track; "Waiting At Our Worst". 

It's the delicate collision of Emily's vocal's intertwining with lyrical complexities and sadness, that omit a sense of restless stillness. Images of a beautiful tête-à-tête, under grey skies and lovers nostalgic for what once was. It's the type of track and sentiment I cling to, whenever I'm searching for a comforting reassurance that my thoughts on a toxic, yet incredibly romantic love, fill my mind. 

But I can discuss music all day, especially amazing new music. But with a track like "Waiting At Our Worst", it's always best to go directly to the source, to find meaning, truth and creative complexities hidden behind the music. Thankfully, I was able to chat with both Amos and Emily about what "Waiting At Our Worst" really means.

As a songwriter, Emily tugged at my heart strings with her in depth explanation. 

Emily: "Waiting at Our Worst is about knowing someone is bad for you, but wanting them anyway. It's about wishing you were good and productive and happy with someone, but knowing that they won't make you happy. It's about waiting for a bad relationship to reignite, despite knowing that you should walk away."

Where as the man behind the crux of the sound, gave me this incredible soundbite. 

Amos: "Most of the songs we work on together generally exist in a piano/vocal arrangement before later being fully produced in a more electronic/synthpop style. We approached things a little differently with "Waiting at Our Worst" and kept the final version very quiet, honest and stripped back. It shows a different side of us, but a side that existed all along."

Love this track? You're in luck! The killer duo just announced heir debut EP "Reaction" set for release on the 17th of March! Watch this space for more details!