Top Shots Breakfast 2018 / by Kian West

Tenacity, Touch and Tech – The Recipe for Top Shots Innovation

Top Shots Breakfast Event
April 17, 2018
Hunter Design School

Deb Morrison

Deb Morrison

The Most Innovative Companies were once the only companies considered to key-note at the annual Top Shots Breakfast Event. As we move into a world where Innovation must be a constant, the goal posts on the event had to shift.

Tenacity, by definition, is having a firm grip and being determined enough and persistent enough to continue chasing the desired outcome. Splend showed that tenacity when they focused on an innovative deal with Uber.

The more driverless vehicles crept closer to democratisation, (by definition, accessible by many) the more diversification became crucial to Uber’s survival. And diversifying and prototyping different iterations of their model was not new to them, think Uber Eats and their own investment in driverless vehicles.

Splend was the brain child of Australian entrepreneur Chris King, who found a gap in the Uber market and came up with a solution. What do you do when most Uber drivers have cars three years old or less, yours isn’t, but you want to drive for Uber? You lease one from Splend! Identify the problem and come up with the solution, then tenaciously romance Uber for a collaboration.

Top Shot Lockie Cooke was one of Uber’s first employees. He holds the title of Sharing Economy Expert, Head of Policy and Job Creation.  He is also widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading Social Enterprise and Sharing Economy advocates. He has many stories to share at Top Shots.

To succeed in business, in large or small organisations, a social conscience will be a non-negotiable element.

Which segue ways into the importance of how people show up at the workplace. There is a plethora of research, articles and case studies on why having an amazing workplace culture is good for your people, your clients and as a result, the bottom line. How does that show up in day to day operations?

Drs Eli Burger and Stephen Dudgeon, co-owners of Avenue Dental, will share the strategies and commitment they made, that secured them the number one spot, Best Places to Work under 100 employees. What an honour to top that list.

Throughout history, the most successful businesses have incorporated the best of the technology of the day into their operations. As Tom Kelly writes, “We are at our best when humanity and technology meet. What will humans need?”

Technology is the vehicle through which we seek to improve the way we do things. Contrary to scare-mongering, we don’t utilise technology so that we can be taken over by Artificial Intelligence and become insignificant.

Deb Morrison, CEO of PetCloud and Number One Woman to Watch in Tech, is yet another entrepreneur who spied a gap in the market and filled it. Airbnb opened up a myriad of choices worldwide to travellers seeking accommodation and those who had vacant beds and rooms.

Morrison created a model that connected pet lovers who travelled with pet lovers who had room in their hearts for short-term four-legged (usually) visitors.

On April 17, these entrepreneurs will share their successes, their failures and their grit and determination to bring their ideas to life, at the Top Shots Breakfast Event. Join them for a dose of inspiration and empowerment, optimism and resilience.

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