Top Novocastrians of 2017, by Kian / by Kian West

How do you decide?

Each year I try and reflect on the people that have left the biggest mark on my year.
Sprinkle a little extra Christmas Cheer and it is a great chance to let them know how much they've impacted my year. These people are generally those that I can see do a lot for the community in some way too. I'd love you to comment who has positively impacted your year too! 

Kian West Newcastle Mirage Novocastrian 2017

Ben Dewson 

There are so many reasons to add Ben to this list. He is someone that makes me feel like I'm lazy. Ben has so much going on with multiple jobs and pushing hard to make his businesses work. Super motivated and also really motivating. Several times this year he has said things to me that have ended up in my quote book. Those little words of wisdom. I'll leave you with one. We bumped into each other one morning on Darby Street, he had just been to the gym, it was barely 7am after doing night shift as a Security Staff till late the night before and he started talking about the gym shoes that hadn't been packed, mid-sentence he stopped and said something like "I shouldn't play the victim". It might not seem like a major comment, but that self-reflection and ability to acknowledge that we are in control of our own lives is huge. It is easy to complain, much harder to take ownership of our own journey. 
I hope to see Ben as a Councillor on the Newcastle City Council one day in the future and make a huge impact on our cities future, especially our nightlife. 


Jacqui Daley

Talking the talk and walking the walk. Jacqui impresses me in so many ways I don't really know how to describe. Leads by example and pushes everyone to want to do a great job around her. I'm not afraid to say how much I admire her and love working with Jacqui. The Measured Marketer is doing some incredible stuff and I am stoked every day I get to be a small part of it. 

Alyssa Gill

Not only is her work impressive with Squibs Communications, she has been a brilliant HYP Director this year and helped me out more times than I'd like to admit. Alyssa does an amazing job as Editor for Hunter Headline and by my side, we have built the Newcastle Business Book Club which has been a fantastic way to connect with more of the local community with our little networking catchups. Thanks for pushing me this year to get a little more out of every week. 

Josh & Liam Hewitt

Both magnificent men in their own right. But as a duo, they have done something pretty spectacular these past few years running Stagwiz at The Stag & Hunter Hotel. They have raised a tonne of cash for local charities, entertained 100s of people and probably learnt a little about themselves and one another through doing so. 

Honourable mentions: Steven Pickett (thanks for inviting me to be part of Tip Jar), Dan Beazley (as always inspiring and helping me throughout 2017) my wife Corinne for putting up with my cranky sleep-deprived self, Steph and the whole HYP Director team, Luke Tilse (can't wait to taste those Tilse's Apple Truck Cider cans!) Kate and Sam at NCC, Ryan for putting up with me at NM for another year, Gillian for the rad Wickham Chicken designs, Kira, Brooke, Amy (CPDCT), Amy Theodore, Jess Moog, Daniel Mallett, Michelle Kot and the Newcastle Coffee Snobs, everyone that has helped Mirage this year and you, whoever you are reading this for taking the time to be a part of our adventure 


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