Top 5 Gigs to go to this week, by Brooke Tunbridge / by Brooke Tunbridge

Throw Me To The Wolves w/ Space Carbonara Jr.+ Audie Franks (Introvert)
Another edition of The Good Oil held by The Edwards Shop. As if the acts aren't reason enough to be there, if you're there between 6-8pm you can get 10% off all vinyl (they have heaps of new stock including The Smith Street Band's More Scared of You Than You Are of Me which I haven't stopped playing). You can pick up your copy of April's Newcastle Mirage while you're there too. 

When: Thursday 13th April
Where: The Edwards Shop
Tickets: free entry

British India w/ The Hard Aches + dave + Split Feed + Pals
British India are stepping out of the studio, where they’re recording songs for their 6th album, to perform at The Cambridge headlining the ‘Good Friday Eve’ party. Make sure you get their early to support the local acts and get your money’s worth!

When: Thursday 13th April
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
Tickets: ticketbooth

Billie and the Rez
A new collective of talented musos, consisting of Billie Bull, Leo Larratt, Mitch Williamson, Edwin Johnson, Brennan Fell and James Edge- I’m sure you’ve seen some of these musicians performing around Newcastle in their other musical projects. I’m not sure what to expect but it sounds exciting so you should get amongst it.

When: Thursday 13th April
Where: Gallipoli Legion Club
Tickets: free

Blues Bombers
A local blues/rhythm outfit who have been jamming since 2003. They were one of the headline bands for NYE 2016 at Stag & Hunter. 

When: Saturday 15th April
Where: The Stag & Hunter Hotel
Tickets: free entry

Jamie Hay w/Spencer Scott + Bofolk Ballico (outside 4-7pm)
Lincoln le Fevre & the Insiders w/Jen Buxton and the Slaughterhouse 5 + Run Squirrel + Adeline Pines (inside 8-12pm)
Quite a line-up of different talents, listen to the acoustic sets in the beer garden in the afternoon, or catch the bands inside after 8pm- or do both. 

When: Saturday 15th April
Where: Lass O'Gowrie Hotel
Tickets: free entry

I'm always looking for upcoming gigs and events so feel free to tag/invite me to any gigs you think I should know about! Have a safe and happy easter gig goers (and anyone else who may be reading this)!