Top 3 Gigs for Weekend Workers, By Jess Moog / by Jessica Moog

A weekly live music guide for Novacastrians who suffer from the weekend work grind.


Little Brother w/ special guests

WHEN: Wednesday 23rd August

WHERE: The Cambridge Hotel

SOUNDS LIKE: An emo version of City and Colour who you just wanna constantly hug and watch Friends with.

Event details here.


Deez Nuts Australian Tour

WHEN: Wednesday 23rd August

WHERE: The Small Ballroom

SOUNDS LIKE: The type of band you wouldn’t mind snapping your neck to, purely because if you don’t break your neck listening to them then your skull will probably just explode anyway.

Event details here.


Ezra Woodward

WHEN: Thursday 24th August

WHERE: The Lass O’Gowrie Hotel

SOUNDS LIKE: An Australian Brad Roberts with the hand skills of Hendrix and a head full of truly delightful hair.

Listen to Ezra on Triple J Unearthed here.