TNL Featuring: GOVV, Chemtrails & The Dershwins, a Review / by Kian West

Feeling a lot of pressure to write a great review after Ryan Williams take on the Hockey Dad gig over the weekend (read here) but he has a gift, what can I say. 

Thursday February 9th saw three incredible acts grace the stage of The Cambridge Hotel side bar stage, for two of them it was one of their first ever gigs, for GOVV it was their first. 

GOVV (picture by Kian)  - All other images by Matthew Waddingham

GOVV (picture by Kian)  - All other images by Matthew Waddingham

GOVV got up first, freshest kids on the scene, young and with lots of energy and enthusiasm they played a short but sweet set (just over 20 minutes) and while you could tell they were nervous, you could hear the fierce determination and lots of practice that went into a stellar set. 

Chemtrails have one gig under their belt and if you had read Laura's interview ahead of the gig and had the feeling they were going to be load, you'd be right. A couple of kids out of the other hit local band 'PALS' this drummer /guitar-vocals duo had a good banter on stage and loads of presence. Very "early The Black Keys" but with a totally "Newcastle" influence (whatever that means).

I've been keen to catch The Dershwins for a while, there has certainly been a lot of chat about them and they delivered on the hype. With a sound that felt like it was pop meets folk-country but you'd certainly put them in the alternative section at any discerning music store. The sweet vocal tension you only get from female to male vocalists, sharing the mic duties. I'm keen to see more of them. 

We run a Thursday night Live event at the Cambo once a month with our mates Love + Rent. 

The next one is March 9th with DAVE on headline duties and Hey Lady! / Treasuretroves on support. 

*images by Matthew Waddingham