The weekend. Brutal truths. And outdoor activities. / by Laura Kebby

#repost @brittanyjason

#repost @brittanyjason

This weekend was as close to summer’s last hurrah as you can get. Ever so slightly, just holding on to delicious pockets of warmth, lazy days and that blissful feeling of having no worries. This weekend for me, seemed to be this endless stream of sunshine, excellent company and bouncing from one experience to the other. I headed to the suburbs, to catch up with one of my closest friends. I don’t get to see her often, as most of the time we are both running on a similar tangent. But sitting on her veranda, having breakfast, drinking amazing coffee, and chatting about the white noise inside both of our minds, was a really wonderful time. I did however, get hit with some really hard truths, that only this particularly friend of mine can hit me with. She has a truly majestic and elegant way of utilising a simple sentence to send me a very sincere albeit brutal wakeup call. But, always, with a smile. And this is part of the reason why we are friends. 

I find that all of my closest friends have this particular trait in common, and I’m very thankful for this. I can get far too caught up in the world around me, and my love of words can lift my feet up off the ground. A foundation of imagination will only get you so far. Many people view writers as quite jaded, but in all honesty, most of us are incredibly idealistic. We are constantly conjuring up alternative forms of reality, which is why it’s very important, to have friends that won’t hesitate to bring you back down to earth. 

The beer fest on Saturday, was an entirely new experience for me, and… of course, I loved it. Is there really anything better than standing beside your mates and enjoying beer in the sunshine? But there was an extra element to that as well. You’ll find that brewers, particularly those associated with microbreweries, are passionate people. My favourite kind of people. Passion is incredibly rare, and when you talk to someone, and their eyes light up, you feel connected by that passion, regardless of what it’s actually about. That was the real highlight of beer fest for me. Meeting local, and passionate people, and hearing about their brand. It was also a really rare occasion, given the fact we were able to get the bulk of the Mirage crew in one photo, and despite the fact I may look like an excited child, celebrating with her two favourite Dads, it was a really great moment. 

Saturdays to me, also mean footy. Someone suggested that I needed an outlet, other than writing, to pour a good chunk of time into. I honestly thought I would be maybe training once a week, having a run on an oval, and sipping on a celebratory beer at the conclusion of the game. How wrong I was. What I really found, was a whole other wonderful community, and a whole new bunch of mates. People who despite their differences, all seem to work towards a common goal. Physical activity it seems, really is actually good for the soul. 

Like I said, summer is slowly slipping away, slowly fading away from our minds. But don’t let that stop you from branching out, taking time to make time, making the most of our weekends and connected with the people we care about most. As dreary as the sky may become, never miss an experience, it's what everything is all about after all.