The Tailor’s Workshop vs. The Newcastle Coffee Snobs / by Newcastle Discovered

Last month the Coffee Snobs visited a café that’s both something old and new: The Tailor’s Workshop, nestled in the bustling Islington end of Beaumont Street. The workshop is a beautiful tribute to Kocho Naumov, a talented tailor who established a reputable tailoring business at this site in the 1960s after migrating from Macedonia. And I bet Kocho would love the food, coffee and atmosphere there now.


As the granddaughter of a Polish migrant, I love the wistfulness of their menu and appreciate how hard migrants, like Kocho, had to work when they came to Australia – often not in their original trade, just to set up a life for their family. Beaumont Street has become a culinary tribute to Newcastle’s migrant communities and we’re all much richer for it.


Warm European hospitality shines through at The Tailor’s Workshop with their very generous portion sizes of authentic traditional dishes like stews, Kolbasi, cabbage rolls and the best scrambled eggs in Newcastle served by friendly staff. The coffee is the Australian bride here and every good Coffee Snob knows that Melbourne is one of the best places (after Newcastle, of course) to get a great coffee bean. Sensory Lab coffee via David Jones churns through the Workshop’s machine, and it was served in both usual and unexpected ways.


The Turkish coffee was a rare find that one Snob found must be an acquired taste, but lots of love came through for the usual suspects: latte, flat white, macchiato, all presented with great texture and smooth mellowness, and not tainted by heavy-handed baristas or impure machines.


The Tailor’s Workshop is more suited to a catch-up with a couple of friends or relatives as most of the patrons were doing. The vast wooden décor, tributes to tailoring and wooden tables squeeze themselves into the space, although outside is a lovely spot to people-watch too.


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