The REAL guide to being a NOVOCASTRIAN / by Kian West

Something had us talking in the office this week, what or who is a real Novocastrian? 
What are the characteristics we hope to have to be classically from Newcastle? 
Surely it goes beyond the way we abbreviate a few words. 

  • We love all the phallic symbolism that is rampant across our city.
  • We are always at the ready to chop someone back down to size if their ego is getting too big, but just as ready to lend a hand to our mates to make sure they are doing ok. 
  • We know when happy hour is at our local and about 20 other venues.
  • We think we live in a big city, but we are constantly reminded about how small this place really is when talking to someone new and realising they are basically related to us. 
  • We will go to great length to make sure people that aren't from Newcastle know that we are not part of the central coast. 
  • To being extremely passionate about "our team" (Knights and Jets) when they are doing extremely well, no mater if you follow them generally or not. 
  • We love community activities like the Newcastle Show, Mattara, being a member of a club or anything else that allows for bragging about afterwards. 
  • No matter how far away we travel, we always seem to bump into someone from Newcastle.

Having asked the community, here are some of the other things that seem to make up being a Novocastrian: 

Everything! Traditionally I feel we're more down to earth than the bigger city folk, we always pull together in a crisis and generationally are salt of the earth type people. Six degrees of separation is never more true in Newy! If you've lived here your whole life, you can't go anywhere without running into someone you know. True novocastrians are very proud people who are more than happy to take the piss out of us and our town, but, don't dare do it if you're not novocastrian! We don't take too kindly to that. @rebeccasawusrex

The first rule of newcastle is you dont talk about newcastle* unless its complaining about change. @octopusgardendesign 

Regretting your decision to leave and spending the rest of your 20s trying to find a way back @ellymentary 

As an outsider, looking in, I feel that Novocastrians seem to strike a healthy balance between pride and contentedness. The latter is totally justified because Newcastle is easily one of the most beautiful cities I've visited in Australia, with a great culture - especially youth driven, creative culture. But the former - the pride - means that people are more inclined challenge the status quo when necessary and change things that need changing, rather than just moving away which is something I've seen a lot of where I come from. It's compelling and makes me want to join in and contribute.@lanahloo 

There's only about two degrees of separation in Newcastle. Theres a hate of busy roads (Novacastrians call it a traffic jam) and a general fear of public transport especially buses. @farths 

To embrace both the old and the new, and bogey hole swims at 3am Laura Kebby 

To love mixing the old with the new. To embrace the unique character of our town. To not want it to be Sydney. To move away but always come home. Always knowing someone who knows someone who knows someone you're just meeting. Nici Blackbird 

What people seem to want Newcastle to have more of:

  • Pride of Place
  • Be Innovative
  • Keep our Creative Community
  • Watch the city grow

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