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The Novel Novocastrian

The Random Ramblings of a Temporary Resident

By Tara Brady

2014-10-20 13.41.25

Lazy Sundays on the Foreshore with an occasional foray into Honeysuckle


I’ve recently become obsessed with the “browse” option on my Spotify app (please note I am not trying to push Spotify in any way shape or form, it just happens to be my go to music app…) I think this is down to the fact that the “browse” option is laziness in one of its better incarnations; I simply look through moods/genres and suddenly there are loads of ready-made playlists like “your morning coffee”, “songs to sing in the shower” and the ever fabulous “walking like a badass”. They pretty much have a playlist to soundtrack any activity, and the last couple of weekends the playlist I find myself drawn to the most is “lazy ass, honey-dipped soul”. Why this playlist you ask? Simple: the past few Sundays that Newcastle has offered up have been gloriously sunny and hot. Not so hot as to be stifling, but just hot enough to encourage a slower pace of life. A kind of languid ambling has replaced my purposeful stride and the tag of “lazy ass, honey-dipped soul” seems to go hand in hand with the clink of ice in my gin and tonic!2014-10-20 13.08.48

This is when barbecue culture comes into its own and it is great. There is something about congregating around a barbecue that always reminds me of good times. Maybe it’s because they usually take place when the weather is warmer, or because they always seem to bring groups of people together, or just that food cooked on a barbecue tastes like childhood summers, whatever it is, it is very difficult to be grumpy at a barbecue, and Newcastle has some great barbecue spots. Indeed, the husband and I have been amazed by the fact that there are so many areas in the local parks with well maintained, electric barbeques. This is not something you find readily in Europe so we were very excited to be meeting up with a group of friends last Sunday for our first, proper Aussie barbecue! We happen to live near the Foreshore so we rather selfishly suggested we head to the Carriage Shed area in the Foreshore Park. It was perfect! We found a table outside that had enough trees around to offer shaded areas and some grass to spread blankets on for lounging. There were loads of other people out as well but it never felt too crowded and everybody took their turns using and then cleaning the electric grills, and generally observing impeccable barbecue etiquette.2014-10-20 13.31.18

However, if barbecue is not your thing, then there are plenty of other ways to spend a lazy Sunday in Newcastle. One of my favourites is to stroll from Nobbys Beach along the promenade parallel to Wharf Road all the way to Honeysuckle where we invariably realise that we’re hungry and so stop off to eat lunch at one of the many restaurants facing the harbour. The only issue is choosing where to eat because all tastes are catered for from sushi at Nagisa to modern Australian cuisine at Silo or even cocktails at Money Penny’s. Then the only effort is to slowly roll home with a full belly telling yourself that the walk is helping you to work off those beer battered chips!