The Glass is Half-full 8.06.18, By Kian / by Kian West

You just never know who is reading this.

Photo by @jaenelson via Instagram 

Photo by @jaenelson via Instagram 

I'm going to gloat for just a moment because this week I found out that my wife actually reads this article every week. No biggie? Massive if true, cause she doesn't even read Mirage in print. I don't think she has read an issue. I'm not trying to shame her, it's just not her thing. She is probably a good barometer for how other people might feel about what we do. It's not like she doesn't enjoy what we are doing, it's not for her. 
But she reads this, as are you, so thank you for taking the time to read my weekly thoughts. 

Enough about me, how about the state of the local music scene?
If you aren't already aware, Council currently has this nice quick survey open to get an idea of what exactly is important to residents and it also has this pretty cool section that lets you put notes and ideas onto a map. (I've even added it to the bottom of this to help you).

Personally, I'm really keen to hear a) how many Novocastrians bothered to fill it in, and b) the results of the survey as there are a few questions that could be very interesting to see answered. 
The survey really made me think about both the issue but also how often people complain but then when they are given an option to fix something they don't help or they complain but they are also part of the problem. 
For instance, the state of the live music scene locally has become an issue because of a few factors. Lots of people are moving into the city and they want it to be quieter where they now live. Live music venues are closing their doors because of these complaints, but also because of a lack of patronage. It's the second element that is extremely interesting to me. 
I watch so many people up on their high horse riding around on the internet complaining about venues doing stuff wrong, changing what they are doing, the lack of musical options... blah blah blah... but it is often these same people that you never see at events. Never supporting local live music. Just like shops, musicians survive because of your wallet, and while trickle-down economics might not work at a national level the way the government would like to sell it to you it can have a dramatic effect at a venue level and thus artist level. Guess what? Artists that can draw a crowd get paid more and get booked to return to venues more often. It's a pretty basic idea. If you support an artist by going to their show and maybe paying to get in or buying a few drinks, etc it actually helps. Let alone the obvious factor that is, it is more enjoyable to play to a room full of people than play to no one. It freaking sucks playing to empty rooms. It can be soul crushing for artists. 

If you don't fill in the survey you can't complain about Live Music in this city ever again. You had your chance. If you don't make an effort to go out and see live music, maybe you should have a look at yourself and evaluate what is actually important to you? 

PS. Winter Live: Unplugged is happening on Darby Street June 23rd from 2-8pm. Plenty of time to stop in on the street and support both live music and local business. Trickle down.