The Glass is Half-full 6.07.18, By Kian / by Kian West

By the time you read this I'll be somewhere between Amsterdam and London.

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But surprisingly this article isn't about rubbing it in. 
It is actually a plea for help. As I'm packing up and to go OS it is not lost on me what I am leaving behind for several weeks. Mirage, just like many of the inner-city businesses, isn't in a very stable place right now. 
Several of our regular advertisers have left us, some because their building burnt down, end of contract or change in promotion strategy. I'm not blaming them. I'm thanking them, some of them for many months and even a year, for choosing us for so long and I still believe we did a good job. 
It did leave us in a tough position of needing to sell what we do again which makes me really uncomfortable because like many people I'm not very good at articulating my own worth and since Mirage in many ways is intrinsically linked to who I am I can struggle. It is also harder to sell the kind of thing you just believe in, but also because I think the best advertising we do is from clients that just want to become associated with our brand. That they see value in their brand being known because of Mirage. Because what we stand for is, to me, the strongest part about Mirage. 
What do we stand for? 
1. Optimism. We are so incredibly optimistic that Newcastle is the most amazing city on Earth and we want everyone to know. 
2. Supporting the local art and culture community. 

At Mirage, it is really important to publish a variety of viewpoints that make up the Newcastle landscape and trying really hard to provide a cross-section of stories that are balanced. 

This plea isn't just to help Mirage, while that would be great if you or someone you know could, it is also a plea to help Newcastle. The message locally has been trending lately to #ShopthisCity and it is a message we are 100% behind because when you support local traders, local businesses spend their money with other local businesses it then creates a wave of opportunity. 
Every time you spend a dollar you are making a choice.

I'll be spending my holiday reflecting on what I can do better. 
How can I better serve my community and deliver a product that people want to buy because our survival depends on it.