The Glass is Half-full 5.01.18, By Kian / by Kian West

Clicking towards the end of the first week of 2018. 
Many of us a preparing for Monday when the year really kicks back into gear with work. Some of us (like myself) have already clocked a few hours and it is almost the norm already that it is a new year. You might have even mucked up a New Years Resolution by now. 

Bar Beach summer sunshine glass half full

It is a good time of year. 
The sun is out and for longer. People, now that Christmas is done, feel a little bit more chill. There isn't the same rush and pace that happens at the end of any year. 

It has been a great time to just look around and reflect on how far we have come. 
Not just Mirage, more collectively Newcastle and how great this city is becoming. 
It was only this morning walking into work when I caught a glimpse of the city University building and it reminded me of the inspiring value that building serves to many of us. A viewpoint to the city from any room. It serves to highlight where this city is heading in so many ways, 
I'm looking forward to a brilliant year ahead. 

PS. Newcastle Mirage now has a Facebook Group just to make sure people don't miss out on articles we will be sharing key content in there regularly and look forward to people sharing tips with us.