The Glass is Half-full 31.08.18, By Kian / by Kian West

If a tree doesn’t fall in the inner city, does anyone hear about it?

Image by @jtchittham via Instagram 

Image by @jtchittham via Instagram 

Seriously, FFS, why does every time some trees are cut down in the city, is there a news report on it? This question is only half rhetorical because half the reason is almost definitely because of the outrage it causes and in a clickbait world these news channels know that they will get the clicks and comments they need to sell advertising. We are just pawns in their game. 

But also, why is it that it is only the inner city this happens for? 
I've walked and driven down plenty of other suburban streets across our city and noticed the view change because of the removal of some old unsafe trees, but Perkins Street loses a few and there is a massive online shit storm.

I guess my frustration is in several parts. 
Firstly, why is it that certain postcodes are seen as superior and thus these kinds of things are reported on? Are the outer suburbs less important or just more tolerant to these kinds of things? 

Second, I appreciate a nice tree and all they are good at, but is this news? Or just outrage inducement? I don't believe they are cut down because the powers that be hate them and want these beautiful additions to a neighbourhood to go, but merely it is a cost and safety issue. Most notably it is usually an insurance thing since if one of them fell on a house, car or person it would be very expensive. 

Thirdly, what is the value of online outrage? 
Sure it might feel good for a second but as humans are we more or less happy as a result? 
My bet is less.  


I'm choosing to share more nice and positive things into my social feed, while hiding and unfollowing more of the anger. I'm trying to fill up my glass.