The Glass is Half-full 27.04.18, By Kian / by Kian West

Got to follow the rules. 

I am all for more live music in Newcastle. 
I 100% think it is appalling that the live music scene has got to the point in Newcastle that local Council have to put a committee together to work out how we can make it work. Honestly, I think it is pretty crazy to even think that council are the ones to fix the issue, but that is a whole other piece. 
Last week the theme seemed to be complete anger at local council for the forced closure of music outside of Queens Wharf Hotel. Horrible news I agree, but why has no one pointed the finger at QWH for a clear oversight on their part? Nothing I have seen has seemed to indicate anything other than NCC highlighting the QWH their duties as a venue to produce appropriate paperwork for what they hope to provide at the venue. 
Sure, we almost all hate paperwork, I certainly do. 
But we all should expect to play by the same rules shouldn't we? 
It is pretty easy to point the finger at council for failing, but sometimes the truth is further in the middle than we care to admit... Maybe the venue fucked up and Council are trying to be reasonable about this but instead the venue throws it out to the public on social media to cash in on the obvious reach possible of our angry community keen to jump on the next failing in our city.