The Glass is Half-full 25.05.18, By Kian / by Kian West

You get to vote everyday on the success of others.

By via Instagram 

By via Instagram 

It is easy to forget how much power we each have as individuals through our wallets. 
Who we choose to spend money with has a huge and lasting effect. 
Every few months I see a shared post that goes something like "Rihanna brings out a perfume and people buy it, Beyonce releases a fashion label and people need it, Kanye launches a new Shoe and there is a lineup... but when our friends start a new business we all tell each other it won't last". Why is it that we are happy to support a celebrity that we know nothing about (really) but we aren't at the front of the line when a mate has a crack? 

I'm probably a little too altruistic, but this has always felt wrong to me. I'd go out of my way to support people I know with their projects. My wardrobe is evidence of this with 99% of the shirts I wear are either Mirage Tees or friends brands/bands. I buy coffee exclusively from Mirage stockists and friends cafes. When buying presents I make an effort to try to buy from local people because then I have a story with the gift and also because I know those dollars are making a difference, they are creating a job in my community. 

I am not saying I'm perfect. I could certainly do more. I should really shop at the local butcher and grocers and I definitely feel guilty at times that I don't make this level of effort, sure, I'm lazy at times too. 

The point is really just that if there are businesses, musicians, artists, events or whatever, that you enjoy then you need to frequent them or buy their stuff to keep them alive. 
This June we celebrate 5 years and to be honest a lot of the time it has been a struggle. Everyone sends us in requests for stories to be written about them and I'd love to cover more of the incredible things people are doing, but most of the time we just haven't been able to afford one extra page to print their story. This doesn't mean to be a whinge, we've been lucky that a handful of businesses can see the value and spend some hard earned dollars on us. But it is worth highlighting how often businesses are struggling while people on the outside have an expectation that they "must be killing it" simply because we refuse to give up. 

You don't have to support us, but you should have a think about who you are supporting and what more you could do. That T-shirt purchase might be just a nice purchase to you but it could be the difference between someone eating or not. 


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