The Glass is Half-full 25.01.18, By Kian / by Kian West

Should we keep Newcastle as one big secret or should we share it with everyone? 
That's what I thought this week when I caught the Newcastle Live article "Places we need to stop telling tourists about" by local legend Laura Kebby. 

Photo by @c.p.photog via Instagram

Photo by @c.p.photog via Instagram

Whether you agree or not about the locations on their list, the sentiment that there are some spaces to share and others to keep to "just the locals" really was more the riddle to me.  

I could think of a few spots I wouldn't want tourists to see, but more out of embarrassment. 

I'm not so sure I'd want any of my favourites to be a secret. If anything, there is a growing list of places I really wish more people were frequenting to balance out all the work happening that seems to be why the Novocastrian public are avoiding them. 

1. Darby Street - seriously, so many times a week I walk this street in the afternoon and it is practically dead. Thursday afternoon, where are all the people at? Add it back to the mix. 

2. Grain Store and Estabar - Newcastle East has had a rough trot. While I'm less sympathetic than I should be, I really respect all the local businesses that did it tough ahead of Supercars and are probably still struggling with people avoiding that end of town while road works for our (amazing) light rail. 

3. Carrington - When is the last time you payed this glorious suburb a visit? It's magical over there and they have some really cool pubs, cafes and restaurants going on as well as beautiful walks. Go on! 

4. Local Parks - Gregson, King Edward, Civic, Centennial... there are some brilliant public spaces available that local council take care of for us to enjoy. Get some friends together and make a day, afternoon or whatever of it. 

Where do you love to go in Newcastle that more people should be enjoying? hit me up.