The Glass is Half-full 23.03.18, By Kian / by Kian West

One more sleep till Darby Street Live!

Photo via  @Abicus

Photo via @Abicus

I'd be lying if I didn't say that curating a festival isn't incredibly stressful. There are so many moving parts, paperwork and personalities that all need to be kept informed and all seem to absorb information in different ways. 
But it has also been a huge reminder of the kinds of things I love. 
Working with people that have different ideas and create their own elements for the event that are so much bigger than I had in mind. I love empowering other people with what they need (often it is just a little bit of money) and a pretty short scope of work, then just leave them to do what they do, add a little trust and then just communicate often to stay informed. 

If this is the first you are reading about a "festival" in Newcastle, tomorrow is Darby Street Live, a Micro-Festival in shops and spaces along Darby Street from 2-8pm and includes a diverse range of artists in laneways and inside stores. 
It is a moment to support both businesses and local artists in spaces you wouldn't normally expect to catch music. Seriously, there is some talented stuff going on tomorrow. 
In some way, everyone involved has their own talents and I should really list them all, but my personal highlights would have to be: 
Amos & Emily at Cooks Hill Bookshop - Not only is this their first gig together in 12 months but it is on the verandah at the bookshop so I can already imagine it feeling special and intimate. 
Georgie Jones & Co at Pushing Pansies - bringing a sense of theatre into a flower shop. 
There is a harpist going into Betty Mim and that is sure to be a sight worth seeing... Hip Hop in the laneway at Leonard's Jewelers. So much magical music to list for sure! 

Find your own treasured musical moment tomorrow on Darby Street!