The Glass is Half-full 23.02.18, By Kian / by Kian West

Stop getting caught up in thinking the same way. 

I wish I was joking, but even right now people are commenting about the lack of cars in an animation depicting the future vision of Hunter Street complete with light rail. Seriously, the LACK OF CARS!! 

1. It is an animation FFS
2. Why are we even imagining there need to be as many cars in town as there ever was? 

Before I get a barrage of abuse in the ol' inbox from people dependent on me for their weekly dose of optimistic passion for Newcastle. Straight up, it is crazy defending animations for sure, but it is actually nice to see a growing number of other people jumping in on the comments supporting the vision that we don't always need to be super critical of everything. 

And now on to the optimism. 
Right now is a tough time for many inner-city Novocastrian businesses and I do not want to discount this, but it is also a chance of huge opportunity.

It's a chance for us to reset expectations on what the city needs to be. 
It does not necessarily need to be a parking garage. Transport is evolving and so do our mindsets on getting into the city. Park and ride is a brilliant program my Council to use a resource in Broadmeadow and get some cars off inner-city roads. BYKKO is set to expand their program in coming months with plenty of Electric-pedal-assist bikes and hubs across the city. This light rail, all combined mean we need to start working out when we can drop the car off in an outer suburb and opt for public transport to get us to the end location. 

Newcastle is already amazing!

Don't forget how beautiful it already is. Remind one another of how good we already have it and support your fellow Novocastrian. STOP spreading the overly critical vibes just because you think it could be better. We need so much more compassion in the world and we all have the power to spread it.