The Glass is Half-full 12.01.18, By Kian / by Brooke Tunbridge

This week I got lucky. 
I had to deliver something along Hunter Street, near the new Courthouse building, and it forced me to do a little walking around. For someone that works in the city most days, I'll admit, I've been avoiding Hunter Street like I hear a lot of people have. 
I'm also hearing from lots of businesses that people seem to be avoiding town altogether. 
Crazy! Now is the time to get into the city and have a look around. 
This city is transforming.
I crossed the tracks along Hunter Street and looked down in both directions to see the huge development underway to lay the infrastructure for our new light rail. It stopped me in my tracks, thinking about how far it had already come. How far it was going. 
It has me excited for the year ahead. 

Photo by: @ kaisersnoozay

Photo by: @kaisersnoozay

So much is going on right now we need to stop and soak it up every so often. 
We need to make memories of all this happening. 
These are the things we will want to be able to talk about in the next decade. 
Plus, it is a good time to get inside a few of those businesses forced to support this change as they continue to operate while it happens on their front doors. Go on, enjoy the city!