The Glass is Half-full 11.05.18, By Kian / by Kian West

Have you ever had an argument with someone? 

image by @matthewmollison on Instagram 

image by @matthewmollison on Instagram 

I'd have to assume that the answer for everyone is a resounding YES! It is seemingly human nature for us to not agree with one another on everything. In some ways, that's what makes people so interesting. Personally, I love music. It is one of the things I enjoy most in this world. What I find really interesting about music (and all kinds of art for that matter) is how someone can hear the exact same thing and have a polar opposite experience to it. What I love, someone else will undoubtedly hate, and vice versa. 

Sometimes these arguments we have with other people can have massive echoing effects. 
At their most dramatic, sometimes arguments with people can end a friendship. I don't mean over your choice of music (although that might happen) but maybe over political views? 

Crazy enough, this has been on my mind all week long after a friend made the comment that "We are more than one thing" and that really struck me. We, as individuals, are a mixed riddle of feelings, thoughts, emotions and previous experiences that all mix up to become our personality. Sometimes we allow one moment, comment or experience cloud our judgment of someone and then we struggle to give them another chance. They might not even need another chance, it might be all on us to accept that they have some difference to us but that doesn't make them wrong or bad, just different.  

I am not talking as if I'm not guilty of exactly this. This is totally my life. 
Some of my mates even have a joke with me when we catch up asking "who are you currently beefing with" and it's kind of true. I often feel like people either love or hate me and I've often noticed that this passion can flick really quickly, strong friendships become vicious battles. I don't do it on purpose, I'm just often emotionally lead when it comes to many of my decisions. As I get older I seem to get slowly better at acknowledging this and then being able to halt crazy passionate arguments by simply stopping the conversation. With a little time, I'm able to evaluate properly and communicate more effectively. 
Passion isn't a bad thing. 

I guess my point is simply, we are more than one thing.