The Glass is Half-full 1.06.18, By Kian / by Kian West

Oh, the outrage!

Like many of our younger readers, my social media feed on Monday was woke with comments regarding the incident at Finnegan's Hotel. For those of you blissfully aware the liner notes are basically that some people dressed in drag were refused entry at the venue. Following is Finnegan's response. 

I'll start with a phrase I use all the time "the truth is always somewhere in the middle". Simply put, our perspective on life and thus our memories aren't captured in technicolour 4K like we would have everyone believe. What I am saying is that we are either both to blame or neither to blame in many of these situations. 
I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that both the potential patrons turned up with expectation that they would have trouble on the door so their attitude became somewhat confrontational around this, and at the same time security on the door expected that these people were not like their other patrons and looked statistically troublesome.

Sure it is 2018, but is this constant moral outrage helping things? 
It's shit. People should not be treated like they were on this occasion. Maybe the bigger issue is that there aren't enough options for people that this was a night ruining the experience. If the reality is that these patrons were able to easily walk to another more suitable venue then they might not have felt the need to run to the media and culturally they'd build their own safe space.
Maybe the bigger issue is the media constantly grabbing onto these micro-stories and blowing them out of proportion. 
Maybe it is that society is more scared of a woman showing a bit of her penis out of her skirt than we are of other women having her boobs and vagina visible. 

I just feel like sometimes we are looking for any excuse to be outraged rather than simply shrugging off that sometimes shit things happen and get over it.