The Glass is Half-full 02.02.18, By Kian / by Kian West

Should all news be reported on? 
This was my internal question this week when reading a local news site reporting a new story on fig trees being cut down in Newcastle. Shock horror, some of these old trees are starting to do some real damage to infrastructure as well as becoming unsafe for the local public. 
Fortunately this time local residents don't seem to be picketing about the idea and can appreciate the reasoning but “They do cause problems but we wanted two or three to remain,” was quoted so I'm not entirely convinced they believe it completely. 

I'm not trying to have a go at Fig-lovers locally. I get it. They become these big beautiful iconic landmarks in a street and people become comfortable with the shade they produce. I often think about how they can look like they are cuddling a street and how bare the streets become without them. 

I'm just not sure that it is news. 

Facebook has announced changes to algorithms hoping to ensure that people see more content from their peers and real connections above the clickbait news, but who is to blame. The media. Where is the quality control? Fake news or otherwise, what duty does the modern media cycle have to the community as well as their audience. Pushing the outrage isn't adding value to the mix. THIS MAKES ME REALLY ANGRY. 
But the Glass is half full for us Novocastrians, it's not just Mirage focusing on the good. Our friends at HunterHunter do an incredible job of finding and focusing on amazing locals... Newcastle Live are (mostly) doing a positive push to keep Newcastle vibrant. 

This isn't a plug for local media though. It's a push to you, my fellow friend in Newy to cut the crap and share a local story about someone doing something good. There are plenty of them. We have a few or check out the suggestions above.... Or share a story with us that we can tell about a friend of yours. 
This city, the community at large, is what we all make it. If you think it is unfortunate businesses are closing in the inner city while development happens, put your money where your complaining is and go buy something from them. 

We are all in this together. 


For example: The Strutt Sisters, Toby & Rosie, or Thalassa Swim