Thanks for coming to our party! / by Kian West

Friday night was amazing!
Thank you to everyone that made the effort to come to our Birthday party at The Edwards and to everyone that sent us a message in the week leading up to it with well wishes.

It means the world to us to know that so many people support our crazy little idea.

There are photos from the evening up on our Facebook page.

Special Thanks to Zombie Junk who donated her time on the night with a pop-up shop and to sell our stuff so we could enjoy the party. You should check out their amazing designs. 

Thanks to Murrays Craft Brewery who hooked us up with some beer so we could do a sweet price (and we got a nice little kick-back from The Edwards for every sale so it was a Win Win).

To Palm & Pine Party Co. for the incredible balloon displays! Thanks Andrea for being such a beautiful human and the fantastic work that you are doing. If you have a party coming up, think about balloons, biodegradable, so you don't have to get worried about all that either. 

And to The Edwards for helping us so much with making the event a reality, especially Alan who made it so easy, we love that space and the people there make it amazing.