Taking Time To Make Time - Laura Kebby / by Laura Kebby

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I love going to the laundromat. It doesn’t really seem like anything too exciting right? Going to the laundromat to basically sit and wait for your clothes to dry. But I really relish in it. With me being me, I usually let my washing build up considerably, until one day I realise if I don’t do my washing ridiculously soon, I’m going to end up wearing my year 10 school jumper and no pants. This is definitely not a good look in public, so when I realise that I most definitely need to leave the house, I wash my clothes at home, and take them to the laundromat off Scott Street to dry them. It’s an incredibly mundane task yes, but like I said, I really love it, it’s probably one of my most favourite things about my routine. I take my wet clothes, a beer, and a magazine and take time to literally take time.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the process of stopping time. I absolutely know it isn’t possible, however, sometimes it’s nice to think so. And when I’m sitting there, with nothing better to do but wait for my clothes to dry, I feel like that’s as good as any attempt at stopping time. I’m trying to engage in a few more of these activities which seem to trick my workaholic brain into thinking that there is no other possible alternative then to simply sit and make time to take time.

When I was in the Army, (yes I struggle to believe this too) there was a whole lot of “hurry up and wait”. I used to hate this. More than anything, because a lot of the time it literally meant sitting for hours waiting for someone to tell us that we needed to hurry up and wait some more. I was saying to a friend of mine this morning, that I can’t remember what it felt like to have a conventional schedule, to work up until a point, and then stop working, knowing that my set tasks were complete for the day. I’m basically trying to find more activities that emulate the hurry up and wait process.

When you’re your own boss (for most of the time) it’s an extremely strange experience when you realise you need to micro manage yourself. You realise not only how task driven you are, but how high your personal working standards are. I mean, not many people have the innate desire to work an 18 hour day.

Happy hour I’ve found works just as well. Giving in and letting go and making sure I take time out. The Lucky is one of my favourite places to do this. I always want to know, where do you seek your down time? Where do you go to stop time, to hold something in your hand that you may not have ever got the chance to do? Stop time, slow down, hold time. What’s your equivalent of a laundromat? Do you hurry up and wait on Scott Street like I do? Or do you spend time wandering our wonderful streets seeking solace. Whatever you choose. Choose to take time, to spend time. Wherever that may be.