Sitting there thinking 'why isn't there a cool party I can go to that is guaranteed to have some fun straight-up Hip-Hop & Rap music all night' well I have just the solution for you. The Cambridge Hotel have just finished renovating the Cambo Courtyard and now it is time to throw down. An intimate event to turn up at. The kids said something about "Getting LIT" but I still don't know what that means? Anyways here are the details. 

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Small bars have a new/old address: 529 The Terrace by Kian West

For our older readers The Terrace Bar has had many other names, but to a younger generation it was the first, potentially the catalyst for a small bar cultural movement across Newcastle. Because of this icon status in some regards, the previous vision of The Terrace was a dark and dingy kind-of cool in its makeshift hippie-come-hipster styling that really was just a reflection of the can-do attitude. But all that changed when it closed the doors in 2015. 

Now known as 529 The Terrace, it has had more than a coat of paint, with floors replaced, bathrooms, some of the most beautiful bars upstairs and down, as well as the namesake Terrace now really becoming a space that you could see many a Sunday session being started at. 

Being one of the bigger small bars I'll be interested to see what they deliver in terms of entertainment to drive engagement with the stellar venue, definitely worth a look over the long weekend. 





SAWTOOTH1Quietly hidden in Tighes Hill sits the most amazing Studio. Why you ask is this place so amazing? The analogue, people driven approach to recording in a digital age. Not to say they don't have all the modern bells and whistles you should expect from a recording studio, but they have heart and soul. Sawtooth is the ying to Burst Media Studios yang, complementing each other perfectly, Sawtooth is the audio production and rehearsal spaces and Burst conveniently have White Screens and Green Screens for film in these same locations. You could come in week-to-week to jam or stop by for a Album recording and stay to produce that first single video.   SAWTOOTH3 Place: Sawtooth Studios Address: 8/6 Revelation Close, Tighes Hill NSW Hours: See here -

Why We Love it: Well, we do work in their awesome shared office space, so we might be a little biased, but we Love Sawtooth because of the people that run it. Their genuine interest in what comes through the studios and passion to assist any creative to produce a 10/10 result no matter what it is or how long it takes. SAWTOOTH2

PLACES WE LOVE: The Stag & Hunter Hotel by Kian West


Stag 2Every suburb seems to have that local pub (or two) that has been around for what feels like forever because it knows what it is and serves the community the way they want. The Stag & Hunter Hotel is that venue for Mayfield, but at the same time as the #2304 postcode is evolving so is this magnificent venue, where the meals are still great and the beer is still cold but the music is live & often local, plus the Trivia is next level quirky awesome in this industrial cryptic dark way: for fans of cult TV, melancholic styles of music and sex jokes. Place: The Stag & Hunter Hotel Address: 187 Maitland Road, Mayfield NSW 2304 Hours: 7 Days a week Stag 1

Why We Love it: The Stag are big supporters of the local community, booking a heap of local talent constantly and they support Mirage so what's not to love right? We love it there because they make a real effort to make people feel welcome and provide a real service. We recommend checking out Tuesday night trivia (starts about 630pm) and stop by for some music over the weekend!