tired minds

SO MUCH MUSIC – September – by Chris 'Dunny' Dunn by Spencer Scott

What a great month it’s been for local releases, both vinyl and CD. First up, the totally self-produced Rachel Maria Cox release Untidy Lines. A wonderful album. Does not veer much away from the punk/pop/singer/songwriter world, but there are some excellent tracks on here.

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A chat with Woodriver Studios, By Ryan Williams by Kian West

I’ve known Liam, Joe and Isaac from Woodriver Studios for a long time. They touched base about getting something in Mirage last year. It’s probably the longest lead time we’ve ever had for an interview. The truth is that Woodriver Studios has been operating in secret for the past year or so. Under darkness and robes and secret handshakes. A sort of secret musical society thing, building, building and building.

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