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Burlesque Life Drawing on Tomorrow at The Edwards by Brooke Tunbridge

Tomorrow night, Burlesque Life Drawing is coming to The Edwards Bar. 

The event is run by Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, who are here to change the perception of life drawing. Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School began in 2005 by artist Molly Crabapple,with a simple concept. Artist’s draw glamorous burlesque dancers, compete in contests, and win wacky prizes.

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Have you taken a Soundbite... by Kian West

This particular Thursday, last week, I stopped by The Edwards for a couple of beverages and to check out their night "Soundbite" a musical pairing to food. The idea is that an album is selected, a classic album, this time it was Dj Shadow's 'Entroducing' ....

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Novocastrians Who Brunch - The Edwards by Kian West


Hey Novocastrians,  This review is a favourite from March I hope you all enjoy it. A highly recommended brunch spot!

By Ja and guest Dutchy on The Edwards...

The Edwards is down from Marketown148 Parry St Newcastle.



Before the breakfast Ja got an iced coffee and Dutchy got a small cappuccino. I really enjoyed my iced coffee and Dutchy expected a bit more from her coffee. We were loving the whole atmosphere and space of the Edwards so we stayed for another coffee after our breakfast, Ja got an espresso and Dutchy, another cappuccino. With my espresso I understood where Dutchy was coming from. The coffee was good but we expected awesome coffee from this hispter cafe/bar. We give The Edwards coffee a rating of  7/10. On FOOD

Ja got the mince, bacon and egg on toast and added tomato and Dutchy got a breakfast special: the scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. Ja's breakfast mince had a bolognese sauce with the bacon chopped up through it. Ja's breakfast sounded different but all worked beautifully for a delicious breakfast. Dutchy also enjoyed her scrambled eggs but wished she got the avocado add on. The menu was small but with the specials board gave you enough options. It is not a standard 'big breakfast' or 'pancakes' place. After finishing our breakfast we saw the muffins... we had to try one... AH-MAZING! We shared the fig and nut muffin with a hint of ginger which reminded Dutchy of her Dutch sweets. For food we give 9/10.


The Edwards tops our hipster awesome radar. They've turned the big warehouse space into a funky hipster cafe/bar that doesn't feel empty or too cramped. It fits both the breakfast/lunch scene and the new hipster bar scene which is on the rise in Newcastle (loving it). We give the Edwards 6/5! Off the charts for us, very well put together!

Side Note: We've also heard The Edwards night bar scene is pumping, very keen to come back and check it out at night!


You want to stay and catch up and order that extra coffee and (ah-mazing) muffin at The Edwards due to the atmosphere. The atmosphere along with the interesting and delicious breakfast menu will make you want to come back next weekend for catch-ups. Coffee is good, not great (our annoying high standards). All in all our overall rating is 22/25.


Brunch on Newcastle,

Ja and Company xoxo.