The Silent Show - A review, By Laura Kebby by Kian West

Support your local artists, I mean really support them. Type “newcastle” into Triple J Unearthed or Bandcamp. Find their gigs. Sit in the front row when they play to a crowd of three people in a place with sticky floors and where the average age is 65 and over.  Tell them you love their music, tell your friends your love their music. Independent artists need this community, and once you start seeking all the wonderful musicians in this glorious town of ours, you’ll discover that you need it too.

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PLACES WE LOVE: The Stag & Hunter Hotel by Kian West


Stag 2Every suburb seems to have that local pub (or two) that has been around for what feels like forever because it knows what it is and serves the community the way they want. The Stag & Hunter Hotel is that venue for Mayfield, but at the same time as the #2304 postcode is evolving so is this magnificent venue, where the meals are still great and the beer is still cold but the music is live & often local, plus the Trivia is next level quirky awesome in this industrial cryptic dark way: for fans of cult TV, melancholic styles of music and sex jokes. Place: The Stag & Hunter Hotel Address: 187 Maitland Road, Mayfield NSW 2304 Hours: 7 Days a week Stag 1

Why We Love it: The Stag are big supporters of the local community, booking a heap of local talent constantly and they support Mirage so what's not to love right? We love it there because they make a real effort to make people feel welcome and provide a real service. We recommend checking out Tuesday night trivia (starts about 630pm) and stop by for some music over the weekend!

PLACES WE LOVE: Blackbird Corner by Kian West


A favourite delivery location since basically the beginning on Mirage. We love how they cram so much adorable into such a small space. Blackbird Corner is like the ultimate gift shop, we don't just mean for others, we mean when you need a special treat to make yourself feel great the perfect stop. Everything from luxury bath salts, to quirky amazing magazines, exclusive clothing options, accessories, gift cards, books, everything...Blackbird corner Place: Blackbird Corner Address: 70 Darby Street, Newcastle NSW Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11-5 Plus Saturday 10-3 & Sunday 11-3

Why We Love it: Supporting local and emerging talent is everything to Mirage and feel the same passion resonate through this lovely little shop in the heart of the city. Nici is clearly in love with the street and surrounding as it echoes out through what the store stocks, the communication on social media and her conversations with us in-store. You feel special once you've been in Blackbird Corner and that's why we love it.Blackbirdcorner 2

Support our Pozible Campaign! by Kian West




It is almost over, but we have some much further to go with your help!


Stretching as far as we can with your support,

Mirage is keen to get cracking on a monthly Podcast so we are really pushing to kick over that $3,000 mark and start working on turning the dream into reality with your help!

There are some really exciting options including a Limited Edition Nathan Jay T-Shirt!


Or if you are feeling extra generous go all out with a 4 pack T-shirt deal.

It doesn't stop with a Podcast,

Mirage have so many exciting projects on the horizon and are super keen to support the community even further if we crack higher goals like implementing a paid internship for students completing studies because, while we understand the gift that is professional experience, Mirage believes in supporting skills but making sure bills get paid. Coffee ain't free right?


Sounds great right?












60 seconds with... Last Tuesday by Kian West


Last Tuesday


With Sophie Smyth

 By Kian West

So Sophie, tell us a little bit about yourself?LastTuesday blue9

Well I studied sculpture and product design in Sydney & like so many others in my situation, I was completely underwhelmed with my choices when it came time to leave my little creative student bubble and start a career. I did work for a few years selling other people’s designs but I always longed to do something self-directed.


Where did the idea for Last Tuesday come from?

Last Tuesday came about from said benched longing and the eventual realisation (it took me a really long time actually), that a lot of people were saying,

“Hey! Nice bag. Where did you get it?”

My friends would then dutifully and proudly tell them that, “Sophie made that bag.” And one day I thought, I should do this!

 Last Tuesday Petal3

When did you start Last Tuesday?

I started in January 2013 when I moved back to Newcastle with my partner. I’m a Newy girl, but I had been in Sydney for years.

Renew Newcastle gave me my first big break when they offered me a store front at The Emorium in the old David Jones building. It was a great way for me to connect with my customers and gain confidence.


And What is Last Tuesday all about?

Last Tuesday has always been about hand-making the designs with beautiful quality leather and materials in small, limited numbers. I want people to own something unique & special. There is so much mass production today that artisan skills are being lost. It’s very sad. I am part of the movement we are seeing emerge reacting against this.


By now plenty of Novocastrians are probably keen to see your stuff, where can they find you?

You can purchase one of my bags online at

I am also stocked at Honey Bee on Darby St and I will be doing some markets in both Newcastle and Sydney coming up to Christmas.

 Last Tuesday tan1

Anything else Novocastrians should know?

As someone who has moved back to Newcastle as an adult, I couldn’t recommend this city enough for people who are looking to have a creative career and life. There are so many wonderful people here that really do support and challenge you. Newcastle for me, has given me to confidence to go after the life I want.

The Rainbow Flag Darkens In Newcastle by Newcastle Discovered


Living in Newcastle and being a young (ish) gay man feels at times a little hard up for entertainment and a safe place to meet people. While the Gateway has stood tall for many years as the only LGBT venue in town, only having one option is well, not really an option at all. Another highlight is Picnic In The Park, run by Rainbow Visions, who run the annual LGBT festival that is one of the greatest cultural events our city has to offer.914058_678923128799051_1097851271_o Then in 2012 a second LGBT venue opened, “Unity”, at the Sydney Junction Hotel. It was not just a venue; it was a club and event venue that attracted some amazing national and international talent to our town.

So when I read this year that the picnic in the park was cancelled due to lack of support, and Unity closed due to new management at SJ's, I was honestly really ticked off. It felt like the gay community in Newcastle was just starting to go somewhere and then it all just disappeared. The Rainbow Visions Festival is partially funded by the government but relies a lot on membership and fundraising events to put on more, and sadly it did not raise enough money this year to cover the cost of the picnic.

The Sydney Junction Hotel forced Metro Entertainment's Unity club with the owner Kate Beauchamp stating that she wished for the hotel to go in a “different direction” (oddly enough the hotel is now painted hot pink - looking gayer than it ever did?). I spoke with Aaron Little from Metro Entertainment, who is hard at work finding a new home for Unity in Newcastle. “We are very busy working on getting UNITY Nightclub relaunched at a new venue in Newcastle. Currently we have had many offers, but are looking for the right place to move our safe venue.”

So what can we do? Get out there and support local LGBT events! If we want our community to grow and make a mark in Newcastle, supporting the venues and people that put on these events is essential. We will be posting what is happening on our Facebook page so please get behind our community and show your pink support!




UNITY FINDS A NEW HOME Newcastle’s UNITY Nightclub has found a new home in Newcastle after being approached by the owners of one of Newcastle's most iconic nightlife hotspots

UNITY's new home is at Newcastle’s Crown & Anchor Hotel. The Crown & Anchor Hotel owners approached Metro Entertainment directors Aaron Little & Ashley Doran after hearing about the clubs sudden ejection from the Sydney Junction Hotel at the hands of the Hamilton hotel’s new licensee.

The Crown & Anchor has dedicated its 2nd floor club level, formerly the iconic “Frostbites”, to UNITY after hearing about the plight of the club. The owners of the Crown and Anchor have copped their fair share of media attention recently when they met heavy opposition from residents to turn the hotel into a gentleman’s club however have decided to work with UNITY, a nightclub brand which had statistically the lowest recorded incidents of alcohol-related violence in the Newcastle area in the last 12 months.

“We received so many calls from licensees, club promoters and venue owners in the Newcastle area and beyond, wanting to take UNITY after the Newcastle Herald published their story on UNITY”, said director Aaron Little.

“The boys at the Crown and Anchor are young, full of ideas and wanted to help the LGBT community of Newcastle plus it’s a great venue” explained Little regarding the reason that the Crown & Anchor was their final choice. “It’s centrally located, close to public transport, there’s a taxi rank directly outside and with our clubs record of outstanding patron behaviour we think it’s going to be an asset to that area of town and really help to rejuvenate nightlife in a positive direction.”

“People are under the perception that UNITY is a “gay” bar… but it’s not. Yes, we provide a safe space for the gay, lesbian and transgender community of Newcastle but we also have a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination of any sort (race, gender or sexuality) and a zero-tolerance policy on violence or bullying of any type. Everyone is welcome at UNITY as long as you are there to have a good time and you believe, accept, respect and promote that everyone is different.”

At this point UNITY promoters have advised that the club will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will play host to many of Australia’s best DJ’s, performing artists and drag queens. Whilst Friday and Saturday nights have always been extremely busy for the nightclub brand the promoters hope to bring back “Sunday sessions” to the inner city where patrons can enjoy laidback house music with a cocktail or 2 on one of the two balconies overlooking the mall and the harbour during summer.

UNITY will open on Friday 8 November with Diva award winning DJ (2006-2013) KITTY GLITTER plus a huge show lineup and some very special international guests on the Saturday 9 November

The Crown & Anchor Hotel is located at 189 Hunter Street Newcastle. For more information on UNITY go to their website