Spring is just kicking in and just like the birds and the bees, Newcastle Mirage is all a flutter with action and activities like banging out this pounding sounding mammoth edition. We are uber impressed by the whole thing and we think you will be too. sticker teal_200 Make sure you check out all of it, a special highlight mention to ‘What’s in Your Glass?” and their amazing event coming up this month. We will be there and we think you should as well.

Normally I’d harp on about all the killer content inside the rest of the mag but I think you have the idea, it’s big, it keeps getting bigger and October is going to be absolutely Gigantic. For the first time we are going to be printing in colour. Not all the copies, just those for subscribers, so make sure you have a subscription or buy a one off “October Edition” off our website before October to secure a copy. Everyone else is going to get a coloured cover. It’ll still be great, it’ll still be limited edition (like everything we do) but it won’t be SUPER LIMITED EDITION!!!

PS. We just ordered some limited edition Pens (did I mention we love limited edition?) and they are going out to subscribers in October… What more could you want/need?


Happy September


The Student Association by Kian West


After months of silently supporting Newcastle Mirage, February seems like the best month to return the favour and highlight the amazing work that the Student Association does in Newcastle and the greater Hunter/Central Coast.  You may have noticed over the past few months their full page advert in our zine, they have also been graciously assisting with some incredible prices on printing - if you have any printing needs we definitely recommend them, going above and beyond to make sure our fresh little print is top quality every month and in a fantastic time frame also. ISSUE_9_SAIf you need booklets, A4 or A3 prints done, check them out: or visit the bookshop on the Newcastle Campus of Hunter TAFE in Tighes Hill – Block S, Maitland Rd. The really interesting thing about the Student Association is that they are open for all people to become members, so you don’t need to be studying at Hunter TAFE to profit from their incredible membership option. For just $10 you get a cute little welcome bag with a diary, notepad, pens and a bottle of water, plus a 10% discount off every product they sell including printing, and on top of that they work closely with other businesses to send out exclusive invitations each month including: cheap concert/festival tickets, discounts at other shops, exclusive entry to events, and even volunteer and professional opportunities. As a charity organisation, the Student Association exists to benefit members so they are constantly looking for new additions to their indisputably fantastic offering. If you need advocacy, assistance, or just simply steering in the right direction, the Student Association could be the door you need to knock on today. Plus right now they are taking applications to sit on the board of Directors, an amazing opportunity to voice an opinion on the future direction of the Student Association (and it’ll look great on your resume!).